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International Conference on Clinical and Medical Image Analysis (ICCMIA'18) is a premier forum with the primary focus on the advancement in diagnostic imaging technologies to promote the future aspect of Clinical and Medical Image Analysis. The conference provides an ideal platform for all the medical imaging researchers and professionals to explore their innovative methods and analysis on imaging technologies for the better prospective of patient care. The sessions of Clinical and Medical Image Analysis 2018 will provide a forum for all the delegates to share fundamental advances of clinical and medical image analysis techniques. This conference is a great opportunity for all the medical imaging and clinical research professionals, outstanding scientists, and educators from all around the world for network of knowledge sharing. It is a great opportunity to host the MICCAI Society endorsed 2018 International Conference on Clinical and Medical Image Analysis in Coimbatore, India. Join us to be the part of this grand event. In the last decade, a number of sophisticated and new clinical and medical image analysis techniques had been evolved that strides the society in every facet of it. This conference promises to be a high quality dessimination forum for new ideas, technology focus, research results and discussions on the evolution of Clinical and Medical image analysis techniques for the benefit of both scientific and industrial developments. All the accepted conference articles will be published in "Springer - Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics" (Scopus Indexed). Extended versions of the "best" few articles presented at ICCMIA2018 - International Conference on Clinical and Medical Image Analysis will be invited for the submission of journal/book publication, possibly appearing in the special issues of reputed journals/books dedidated to the conference. The journal/book chapters should be an expanded version of the conference article with, for example, more complete background, more detailed project descriptions, and additional results. This allows authors to present a more complete description of the research work.

We invite researchers, students and industrialists with innovative ideas to submit their research findings.

Our Previous Publications:

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THRUST AREAS OF CONFERENCE (But not limited to...)

The conference covers the full range of clinical and medical imaging modalities including image acquisition, display, processing, analysis, perception, decision support and informatics. Broad topics of interest include the following

  • Clinical Big data processing
  • Data Compression and Anonimisation
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Intelligent Imaging Systems
  • Motion and Shape Analysis
  • Super-resolution algorithms
  • Statistical Methods in Imaging
  • Clinical and Scientific Evaluation of Imaging Studies
  • imaging physics, systems analysis and modeling
  • x-ray imaging and computed tomography
  • ultrasonic acquisition and processing
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • molecular imaging
  • digital pathology
  • emerging image acquisition technologies
  • tomographic image reconstruction
  • quantitative imaging
  • image processing and analysis
  • computer-aided detection and diagnosis
  • computational models
  • image-guided therapies
  • visual rendering of complex datasets
  • visual perception and observer performance
  • physiological and functional interpretation of image data
  • clinical evaluations of new technologies
  • image data management (storage, retrieval, transmission)
  • medical informatics
  • imaging for precision medicine
  • deep learning

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