Thrust areas

Process Control

Process control research covers the application of control theory, modeling, computing and operations for providing solution to control problems of process industries. It includes the following research areas:

  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Plant monitoring
  • Control techniques and algorithm
  • Networked control system
  • Design of DCS and SCADA
  • Process control area networks


Industrial instrumentation research focuses on the design and development of techniques and instruments used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities in industry. It includes the following research areas:

  • Smart instrumentation
  • Wireless instrumentation
  • MEMS, sensors and actuators
  • Standardization
  • Distributed measurements
  • Data acquisition

Research Group Name:  Control and Instrumentation

Group Members:

  1. Dr.K. Rajasekaran
  2. Dr.D. Pamela
  3. Dr.P. Subha Hency Jose
  4. Dr.P. Rajalakshmy
  5. Mr.K. Gerard Joe Nigel
  6. Mr.L. D. VijayAnand
  7. Mr.P. Ananthachristhuraj
  8. Mrs.D. Hepsiba
  9. Mr.P. Vijay Daniel
  10. Mr.P. Kingston Stanley


Research Group Name:  Biomedical

Group Members:

  1. Mr. Samson Isaac
  2. Dr A. Shobha Rekh
  3. Dr D. Abraham Chandy
  4. Dr P Subha Hency Jose
  5. Dr D Pamela
  6. Dr Prawin Angel Michael
  7. Dr D Narain Ponraj
  8. Dr X Anitha Mary