Student Projects

1. KairaliWatch Video

2. PuthranWatch Video

3. Nattu - IFPWatch Video

4. Documentary on KathakaliWatch Video

5. Enslaved - Substance Abuse Documentary in KeralaWatch Video

6. Pakkam - Short FilmWatch Video

7. Documentary On Parai

8. 3d Animation Walkthrough For Gated Community (Funded)

9. Documentary On Bonda Tribes

10. 3d Traffic Rule Game Based On Augmented Reality


Kevin Stanley (M.Sc. Viscom – 2009 Batch)
Audio Engineer at Harman International

Jithin NT(M.Sc. Viscom – 2009 Batch)
Photographer & Cinematographer in Berlin, Germany

Asfin Francis(M.Sc. Viscom – 2009 Batch)
Co- founder at Shooterz Film Factory
Co- founder & CoE of Tape Cassette
Leo Reegan(M.Sc. Viscom – 2009 Batch)
Political Research Analyst at Indian Political Action Committee, Hyderabad
Stephen Paneer(M.Sc. Viscom – 2009 Batch)
Audio Engineer at Sound Wizard
GiftsonDurai(M.Sc. Viscom – 2014 Batch)
Music Producer/Sound Engineer at GD Records
Daniel Paul(M.Sc. Viscom – 2013 Batch)
Owner, Professional Engineer at SAM Digital Audio
JagadeeshBommisetti(M.Sc. Viscom – 2011 Batch)
Associate Cinematographer at Telugu Film Industry
Sarun P James(M.Sc. Viscom – 2011 Batch)
Graphic Designer at Cognizant Technology and Solutions
Jonathan Gerard Sanjay(M.Sc. Viscom – 2010 Batch)
CEO of Two People and a Camera
Abin Prakash(M.Sc. Viscom – 2009 Batch)
Freelance Photographer in Dubai, UAE
ShawnJacob(M.Sc. Viscom – 2010 Batch)
Leading Musician & Producer in Rock Paper Scissors Band, Trivandrum