Faculty Profile

Dr. T.V. Ranganathan M.Sc.(Tech), Ph.D.(Tech), Professor & Program Coordinator UG
ranganathan@karunya.eduArea of InterestConvenience foods, Traditional Product technology, Nutraceuticals,Encapsulation technology and Food chemistry.
Dr. S. Gobikrishnan, M.Tech, Ph.D, Assistant Professor(SG)
gobikrishnan@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Design of food engineering equipments, Biomass.
Dr. D. Tiroutchelvame M.Tech, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
tirou@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering.

Mr. Dayanand Peter M.Tech, Assistant Professor
dayanandpeter@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Modified atmosphere packaging, Product development,Fruit and vegetable processing.
Mr. P. Balamurugan, M.Tech, Assistant Professor
bala@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Design of food engineering equipments,Heat and Mass transfer, Computational fluid dynamics.
Dr. A. Nishad M.Sc, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
nishadh@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Food chemistry, Functional Foods and Food Biochemistry.

Dr. R. Emilin Renitta M.Sc, Ph.D, Assistant Professor (SG)
emilinrenitta@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Food Microbiology, Cereals and pulses technology.

Dr. M.M.Pragalyaashree M.Tech, Ph.D, Assistant Professor (FPE)
pragalyaashree@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Modified atmosphere Packaging of culinary herbs, Design and development of farm equipment, Cold plasma technology and Biodegradable packaging.
Ms. Nikki John. K M.Tech, Assistant Professor
nikkijohn@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Food Packaging ( * On leave ).
Mrs. Shilu Leslie M.Tech, Assistant Professor
Area of Interest
Functional Foods and Value added products Teach.

Mr. Daniel Paul .P M.Tech, M.P.S, Assistant Professor
danielpaul@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Encapsulation of bioactive compounds,Bioinformatics and Value addition of food industry waste.
Mrs. Joselin Ann Joy, Assistant Professor
joselin@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Spice Technology.

Ms. Princy N, Assistant Professor
princyn@karunya.eduArea of Interest
Food Packaging Technology.
Supporting staff, Mr.Sathia Boobesh
Mechanic grade –II.

Mr.Selwyn , Lab technician Grade –II.
Mr.Isaac sk Bruver Kumar, Mechanic (SG).

Mr. Thomas Pandian , Store keeper.