1.Dr. P.Mannar Jawahar - Vice Chancellor Chairman
2.Dr. Ridling Margaret Waller
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Senior Administrative Officers
3. Dr. R. Elijah Blessing
4. Dr. A. Hepsibah Christinal
Controller of Examinations
5. Dr. G. Prince Arul Raj
Engineering and Technology
6.Dr. M. J. Xavier
Karunya University Business School
7. Dr. C. Joseph Kennady
Arts and Sciences
8. Dr. E. J. James
Director Research and Consultancy
9.Dr. T. V. Christy
Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Nominees
10. Dr. Samuel Joseph
Karunya School of Management
11. Dr. Kuruvilla Varughese
12. Dr. Kumudha Raimond
Computer Sciences Technology
13. Dr. D. Jude Hemanth
Electronics and Communication Engineering
14. Dr. R. Nanda Kumar
15. Dr. V. Kavitha
Biosciences and Technology
16. Dr. Jeyakumar Daniel
Chancellor’s Representative
Management Nominee
17.Dr. S. Devaraj Arumainayagam
Associate Professor - Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore
Nominee from Local Society
18.Mr. S. Tarun Shakthi
Student Nominees
19.Miss. Achsah Thebe Chrysolin
III Mech (UR15ME147)
20.Miss. Rini P. Chacko
II M.Tech (PR16CE1003)
21.Mrs. Sweety Jose
EEE Department, PSG College of Technology
Alumni Nominees
22.Dr. S. Immanuel Alex Pandian
Electronics and Communication Engineering
23.Mr. P. Jeyasingh
Chief Operating Officer, Jasmin Infotech, Chennai
Employer’s Nominee
24.Dr. L. S. Jeyagopal
Managing Director, Mithran Structures, Coimbatore
Nominee from Industry
25.Dr. Annie Gibson
Medical officer , Rural Community Hospital
Nominee from Stakeholders
26. Dr. D. Sujitha Juliet
Computer Sciences Technology
IQAC Co-ordinator
27. Dr. K. Vinoth Kumar
Electrical and Electronics Engg
28. Dr. D. Tensing
Civil Engineering
IQAC - Head