1. Objective

Encouraging and promoting multidisciplinary research covering engineering, technology, Science and humanities among the teaching and research fraternity in India and the world over.

2. Focus Areas

Multidisciplinary research integrates the analytical strength of two or more disciplines so as to come up with a new research phenomenon or a novel discipline. By engaging these seeming disciplines, similar terminology, approach, and methodology might be gradually interconnected. Such research activities kindle more innovation and profound findings. Though a lot of avenues are made available in this area for research, it has not gained momentum in our country. In this context, a journal relevant to this area is likely to be well-received.

3. Periodicity

Two issues of the journal are planned for a year apart from special issues. Five issues of the journal have already come out.

4. General Guidelines for Authors

The author guidelines are detailed in the template attached - click here to view

5. Disclaimer

Opinions expressed in the articles are those of authors and do not reflect the ideas or the opinions of Karunya Journal of Research (KJR). Also KJR does not take legal responsibility for the accuracy of the content or liability for any errors or omissions. KJR makes no warranty, express or implied, in the material contained in this journal.

6. Ownership

KJR is owned and published by Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore, India - 641 114.

7. Subscription

Hard copies of KJR can be subscribed by contacting the Vice Chancellor at vc@karunya.edu. Hard copies of journal are provided to subscribers only.

8. Copyright and Permissions

KJR journal is protected under legal provisions of Copyright Act. No part of this Journal should be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from KJR editorial office.
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