Research & Publications


The Department faculty together with the students has the potential to conduct research in the modern fields of the Biotechnology, which mainly focuses on Health Care (Cancer & Mental Health care, Informatory and Infectious Diseases, Medicinal Plant Research, Tissue culture and Conservation of Endangered Plants, Plant Molecular Biology), Environmental health care (Bioremediation, Solid / Liquid waste Management, Water Management, Bio-control), Bioprocess studies (Production and Purification of Bio-valuable Products, Designing of Bioreactors, Modeling and Simulations of Bioreactors) and Nano Biotechnology (Biosynthesis and Characterization of nano particles).


  • Water
  • Bioenergy
  • Healthcare
  • Food


The department is excelling towards establishing links with industries to facilitate Institute-Industry tie-up to drive-in more sponsored industrial projects and constantly expecting extramural funding from International, National and State level funding resources to encourage student projects in these schemes. The faculty and students embellish by the annual technical symposium organized to embody team spirit, organizing skills of the students and to get benefited from the deliberations of eminent scientists and technologists who are nationally renowned. Our faculties and team of potential students/scholars formed an association for research in our Department to guide our students towards research.