B.Tech Computer Science and Medical Engineering

Computer Science and medical engineering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. This field seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, combining the design and problem-solving skills of engineering with medical biological sciences to advance health care treatment, including diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. This programme prepares students with diverse skills to create solutions to continuing worldwide health issues, helping to change how patients are treated and lowering the cost of care. This course aims at providing intensive inputs in areas of Biomedical AI, Software engineering in medical devices or medical applications and Modelling of pharmaceuticals. By this course, the students will learn machine learning and software engineering technologies to examine data trends and predict pandemic behaviour of any disease progresses, examine medical images during surgical planning, etc..


Important courses

  • Computer Assisted Decision making (CMD)
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Computer Assisted Therapy
  • Medical Imaging
  • Processing, Modelling and Simulation
  • Health Informatics
  • Telemedicine
  • Information and Cognitive Science
  • Securing Health Data

Career Prospects

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Risk Analyst


Karunya is partnering with Nvidia, the technology leader in AI computing. As a part of this initiative, Karunya has procured Nvidia DGX Station, with four Nvidia Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs each with 32 GB memory and Intel Xeon processor with 20 cores, the workstation delivers 500 teraFLOPS of AI power. The DGX Station can accelerate machine learning training up to 215X faster and perform more iterations, increase experimentation and carry out deeper exploration in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.