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February 29, 2020

Student Selected for National Level Athletics Meet

Student Selected for National Level Athletics Meet

The state level Athletic sports meet was held at Tirunelveli on Feb 29th and March 1st in Anna Stadium. Mr. C. Enoch Gladson from our Institution who is pursuing, his 1st year in the department of electronics and Electrical Engineering has secured Second place in High jump and has been qualified for the National level Athletics Meet.

The National level Athletic Meet is going to be held from April 8th to April 10th in Bhopal.

Mr. C. Enoch Gladson was appreciated by our Honourable Chancellor Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, Vice Chancellor Dr.P.Mannar Jawahar, Registrar Dr. R. Ellijah Blessing, Students Affair Director Dr. S.Albones Raj and Physical Education Director Dr. A. Kaleb Rajan.

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