Foreign Interns


S.No Name CountryGuideCompany/InteractionPeriod of Internship
1LEONARDO LUIZ SILVEIRABrazilDr. M. Wilson KumarCollege Estacio of Sergipe, Avenue Benjamin Constant, 211, Brazil/td>21.01.2019-15.04.2019
2PEDRO RIVAS MESIASSpainDr. Sabitha JannetUniversitat Politecnica De Valencia, Spain10.07.2019-18.09.2019
3JIRAYU EARKULTHAILANDDr. Sabitha JannetSirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University,Thailand24.06.2019-16.08.2019


S.No Name CountryGuideCompany/InteractionPeriod of Internship
2WITO PLASBelgiumMr. Lijin GeorgeTU Bergakdemie Freiberg Institut Fur Energieverfahrenstechnik und Chemiingenieurwesen16.07.2018-14.09.2018


S.No Name CountryGuideCompany/InteractionPeriod of Internship
1MKOLAUS THOMAS ROMANOWGermanyMrs. Sabitha Jannet19.03.2018-27.04.2018

Year before 2017

S.No Name CountryPeriodGuideTitle of the ProjectYear
1Miss Catrina CassieScotland18/07/2016 To 07/10/2016Dr. Godson A. LazarusTo design a miniature heat pipe to use in electronic cooling2016
2Mr Gerry MoserAustria11/07/2016 to 02/09/16Dr. Robinson SmartFabrication and testing of Aluminium Composites2016
3Mr Eneko BailloSpain18/07/2016 to 30/10/2016Mr Bobby P PaulDevelopment of Low Cost Micro Controller for Motorised Wheelchair2016
4Joao Paulo de Oliveira PaschoalBrazil26/09/2016 to 08/12/2016Dr T.V. ChristySynthesis and Characterisation of a Metallic Form2016
5ADRIANA IZABELA KARCZPoland15/07/2015 to 01/09/2015Dr.D.S.Robinson SmartTo Evaluate the tribological properties of Al5083/Graphite Composite2015
6Serge FrancisLebanon01/7/2015 to 12/8/2015Dr. C.P.JawaharImproved AC Systems for ELOHIM Auditorim2015
7Faham Khalifa AlsulaimiOman01/7/2015 to 31/8/2015Dr. Godson A. LazarusMatlab Simulation of vapour compression cycle2015
8Michél Jerome DauGermany13/07/2015 to 19/09/2015Dr. Godson A. LazarusThermodynamic simulation and second law analysis of a Loop Heat Pipe using nanofluid2015
9Mr Martin DurecSlovakia13/07/2015 to 30/08/2015Mr Ajay VasanthOptimization of turning tool vibration using FEM and genetic algorithm2015
10Mr Craig John BarrableUK13/07/2015 to 30/08/2015Dr T.V ChristyTo establish Al6061 as an acceptable material for joint prosthetics2015
11Ms Clara RollwagenGermany16/09/2015 to 28/10/2015Dr T.V ChristyVaccum Bazing of aluminium metal matrix composites2015
12Mr Marc Bodo SchlerethGermany16/09/2015 to 28/10/2015Dr D S Robinson Smart-2015
14Mr. Keisuke TsuruyaJapan04/07/2014-5/09/2014Mr Mahesh PrabhuLow cost automation of documentaion proces to improve productivity using back propogation algorithm2014
15Ms Wafa DeldoulTunisia01/07/2014-01/09/2014Mr Ajay VasanthPrediction of tool vibration during hard turning of SS 410 using sensor fusion method2014
16Mr. Suroor Hamad Surur Al JahwariOman01/07/2014-31/08/2014Mr Wilson Kumar-2014
17Mr MoetezTunisia01/07/2014-31/08/2014Mr Bobby P PaulDesign of a Wheelchair for disabled and elderly2014
18Saif Mohammed AlqassabiOman15/07/2014 to 15/09/2014R.Mahesh PrabhuLow cost automation to support decision making in small and medium scale industry by using back propagation algorithm2014
19Mr Tobias BethgeGermany11/11/2013-20/12/2013Dr L Godson AsirvathamDevelopment of Advanced Cooling System for Electronic Devices2013
20Mr Ender YildrimGermany25/07/2013-25/09/2013Dr L Godson AsirvathamDevelopment of advanced cooling system for Electronic Devices2013
21Mr Felix FisherGermany01/07/2013-01/10/2013Dr C.P.JawaharThermodynamic Analysis of NH3-LiNO3 and NH3-NaSCN based Ejector Absorption Refrigeration System2013
22Ms Alia Esparza ValcarcelSpain30/07/2013-30/11/2013Mr S.J VijayThe in-situ casting produced of Al-TiB2-ZrB2 and its metalullurgical characterisation before and after FPS2013
23Ms Anja Carina SchmidtGermany20/08/2013-20/12/2013Dr T.V ChristyManufacturing of samples and their characterisation2013
25Mr Raphael-Joel SchidowskiGermany01/08/2012-01/10/2012Dr D S Robinson SmartPrediction of Tool Wear and Surface Finish using ANN & Regression Models for Turning Operation2012
26Mr Yaha AlamriOman01/07/2011-12/08/2011Dr M SekarDesign and Evaluation of Pocket Milling Cycles in CNC2011
28Fionn HaplinIreland01/11/2011-02/12/2011Dr L Godson AsirvathamHeat Transfer Performance of Nano Fluids through Solar Collecter experimental investigation2011