Students Scholarship

S. No.Name of the Scholarship2017-182016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-122010-112009-10
1Govt. of TN-Adi Dravida And Tribal Welfare-Special Subsidy SC/ST/ADCC8000153251000700042090
2Merit Cum Means Scholarship -Renewal685000450000 420000700050620
3Merit Cum Means Scholarship -FRESH385000 42000014000
4Dr. D.G.S.Dhinakaran Memorial Educational Scholarship480007200072000 216000600004000020000
5Special Finance Assistance Through Karunya Food Carnival (KFC)136800136800
6Department of Minority Welfare-Fresh-DBT600000 216000
7Institutional Scholarsip-WE CARE WE SHARE 75000
8Directorate Of Technical Education-Thiruvananthapuram-Merit Cum Means based Scholarship 4000060000
9Shree Vijayalakshmi Charitable Trust- Coimbatore75000
10Post Matric Scholarship Adi Dravida - CC840264609810
11The Tamilnadu Educational Trust- Renewal5500
12"Tamilnadu Minorites Economic Development Corporation Ltd Merit Cum Means Based Scholarhsip (Professional /Techenical Only)"10000040000
13Government Of Jharkhand office Of The Trual Welfare Commissioner107390137760
13Tamilnadu National Teachers Welfare Assosication100001000050000
14Karunya University Loan Scholarshiop360003600020000
14KU-Merit Cum Means Based Scholarhsip (Professional /Techenical Only)600055000


S.NoReg.No/ DepartmentName of the Student/ FacultyTitle of the ProjectAmount Sanctioned in Rs.
1UR15ME051,UR15ME059,UR15ME105,UR15ME060Mark Ephraim /Reuban Mathews /Samuel Josua/Andrew Williams/Mrs.PrabhaPerformance Evaluation of Multi fuel engine using bio diesel of polyalthialongifolia 7,000.00
2UR15ME045,UR15ME153A. Raj Charan Teja/Ken David Emmanuel / Dr. SabithaSynthesis and Characterization of Boron Nitride Reinforced AA2219 Metal Matrix Composite by Friction Stir Processing 7,000.00
3UR15ME147,UR15ME008,UR15ME018,UR15ME132Achsah Phebe/Samuel Jebish/Joseph John/Ajith Madan /Mrs. Mona SahuAutomated Articulated Keyboard for IT Professionals 7,000.00
4PRKI7ME4006Caleb Daniel R/Dr. P. SampaulEffect of Metallic Foams on tool Vibration During boring of hardenned Steel 9,000.00


S.NoReg.No/ DepartmentName of the Student/ FacultyTitle of the ProjectAmount Sanctioned in Rs.
1UR14ME081Subin C Shajoo /Dr. L. Godson AsirvathamShape change auxetic support wrap, Design, Simulation and Fabrication 6,000.00
2UR14ME136Neha Gifty /Dr. L. Godson AsirvathamCooling of Devices using Mini Loop Thermosyphon -An Experimental Study 6,000.00
3UR14ME076Arun Richard A /Dr. A. Brusly SolomonPower Generation using Thermoelectric module using PCM as Thermal Storage -An experimental study 6,000.00
4UR14ME014Hiran Gabriel D.J./ Mr. I. KantharajInvestigation of optimized cutting fluid application 6,000.00


S.NoReg.No/ DepartmentName of the Student/ FacultyTitle of the ProjectAmount Sanctioned in Rs.
1UR13ME002 UR13ME003 UR13ME042Mr. Benni Ajith A Mr. Aaron V Mr. Dany Premraj E/ Dr. L. Godson AsirvathamFabrication of Microcontroller Based Thermal Property Analyzer for Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Composite Powders and Solids 12,000.00
2UR14ME125Mr. Phillip Winston J./ Dr. M. SekarMeasurement of Work Tool Interface Temperature in Rotating Tools. 12,000.00
Total 24,000.00


S.NoReg.No/ DepartmentName of the Student/ FacultyTitle of the ProjectAmount Sanctioned in Rs.
1UR12ME183Mr. Shyam Geo Prakash / Dr. P. Sam PaulEffect of Magnetorheological foam on Tool Vibration during turning Process 12,000.00
2UR12ME086 UR12ME094Mr. Jameson paul James Mr. Jerry John Jacob / Dr. M. SekarDesign and Fabrication of Oil Skimmer for Removing Oil from Food Waste 12,000.00
3UR12ME122Mr. Loyola Swinton / Dr.S.J.VijayDesign and Fabrication of Automatic Universal Manipulator 12,000.00
4UR12ME068 UR12ME123 UR12ME189 UR12ME194Mr. Franklin Jose Mr. Manasseh V Mr. Solomon Raj Kumar Mr. Tejas Abel Koshy / Mr.Ajay VasanthDesign and Analysis of Thermo-Cooled Helmet 10,250.00
5UR12ME011Mr. Aishwarya Rai / Dr. JawaharDesign Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Solar Operated Thermo-Electric Cooler for Heating & Cooling Application 12,000.00
6UR12ME135Mr. Nimal Anad R / Dr.GodsonFabrication of Experimental Setup for the Measurement of Specific Heat of Liquids 9,800.00
7UR12ME155Mr. Ravuri Ashish Abhinav / Dr. GodsonEffect of Blood Flow on Heating of Cardiac Stents Due to Radiofrequency Fields 10,300.00
8URI2MEI86Mr. Sijil Wilson /Dr.S.J.VijayComparative Study of Conventional TIG & A-TIG Process through Mechanical and Metallurgical Characterization of Inconel 625 Alloy 12,000.00
9URI2ME07OMr. Gaurav Shil /Dr. D.S. Robinson SmartDesign, Analysis and Fabrication of Automatic Side Stand of a Two Wheeler 12,000.00
10PR14ME1004Mr. Wilburt Moses Paul /Mr. G. Babu RaoDesign and Fabrication of Easy Lift Stairs for Aged and Physically Challenged passengers 14,500.00
11PRI4MEIOO3Mr. Nikhil George / Dr. K. Leo Dev WinsCutting Performance Comparison Between MCFA and MQL Assisted Hard Turning of AISI H13 Tool Steel and Comparative Study on Chip Characteristics Obtained under Different Modes of Cooling 9,535.00
12PR14MEIOI5Mr. R. Immanuel Chelliah / Mr. Bobby P. PaulDevelopment of Control System for a Motorised Wheel Chair using Arduino 14,200.00
13PR15ME4005Mr. Fernando Winston Raj Dehilan / Mr. X. Ajay VasanthInteractive Design and Development of Active Vibration Absorber using Magneto-Rheological Elastomer 12,400.00
14PR15ME4002Mr. Godwin J. Sobin / Dr. P. Sam PaulVibration Control of Rotor System using Rotating Magnetorheological Damper 15,000.00
15URI3ME128 URI3ECO34 URI3MTOO7Nigel Abraham Jacob Asish Johney George Aneela Simon Mr. Bobby PaulCreate a drive system that will remain stable while traveling on unstable terrain 12,000.00


S.NoReg.No/ DepartmentName of the Student/ FacultyTitle of the ProjectAmount Sanctioned in Rs.
1URI2MEO6OMr. V.I.J.Devanesan / Mrs. C. PrabhaFabrication of Water weed Remover Machine 10,000.00
2URI2MEO29Mr. Antony Charles E / Mr. Ajay Vasanth XActive Vibration control during hard Turning 10,000.00
3URI2MEOO3 URI2MEO22 URI2MEO72 URI2MEO74 URI2ME158Abhilash Amal, Amal Krishna, Georgy J. Mavely, Ginu T. George, Romel Joseph / Dr.M.SekarConversion of Coconut shell to activated carbon 10,000.00
4 URI2ME009 URI2MEO2O UR12ME176 URI2ME183Mr. Abraham K. Jacob, Allan George, Sharon Scaria, Shyam Geo Prakash, / Dr. M. SekarLoad / Unload Mechanism of LPG cylinders for domestic supply vehicles. 10,000.00
5URI2MEIO9Mr. M. Karthikeyan, / Dr. S.J. VijayMetallurgical characterization of Aluminium substrate coated with Aluminium 6061-born carbide composite by Friction Surface. 10,000.00
6UR12MEOO8Mr. Abishek K., / Mr.G. Babu RaoDesign of Intelligent Control system for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Application 10,000.00
7PRI4ME1012Mr. Nithin P.Johns, / Dr. D.S. Robinson SmartFabrication of Aluminium 5083-CNT Graphite MMC evaluation of its mechanical properties, investigation of its wear behavior and corrosion resistance. 12,000.00
8PR14ME1022Mr. BattaManoj, / Prof. G. GanesanDesign and Fabrication of a Tree Climbing robot 12,000.00
9PRI4ME1O13Ms. Stellla Angel, / Dr. P.Sam PaulDesign, Analysis and Fabrication of Automatic Side Stand of a Two Wheeler 12,000.00
10PR14ME1009Mr.Princely Ratnadas, / Dr. Robinson GnanaduraiFabrication and characterization of supersaturated solid solution ofNano-structured Cu-Co metallic composite. 12,000.00
Total 108,000.00