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February 24, 2020

Guest Lecture : Current Trends in Immunotherapy

Dr Usha and Dr Durai Raj from Cell Creep Bangalore were invited for a guest lecture in the Department of Biotechnology. Karunya Institute of Technology and Science Coimbatore on 24th February 2020. All the faculty members and students of the department were cordially invited to be a part of this session. The guest lecture commenced with a prayer followed by the welcome address delivered by Dr. Jibu Thomas, Head of the Department. Subsequent to this Dr M.Lakshmi Prabha introduced our guest lecture Dr Durai. We all know that chemotherapy is used for over 150 years now. Creating an awareness about immunotherapy was the main objective of this lecture. The guest speaker shared vital key points in the area of Recombinant Dna Technology. Later he shared his personal experience in this area (1994-2003) and rightly shared few opportunities available in their company that included Trainings. Workshops and summer internships for engineering students. He also gave an overview about their recent products that were used to solve severe medical complications like blood clotting, blood cancer, kindey failures. leukemia, lochia etc.

He then shared about their company’s collaborations with other industries. academias and countries (Iran,Russia). In addition to this he also expressed their interest to have a collaboration with KITS. His presentation was quite effective and useful as he showed few videos on immunotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, formulation technology, biological agents, molecules and different types of systems used in industry etc. He then shared about the projects they are assisting. including one of their recent project with an investment of nearly 30 lakhs rupees based on analytical characterization. Last but not least he shared about master cell banks and the scope of immunotherapy in industrial sector. Furthermore, he played a video of their labs including culture lab. incubation lab etc. After the session, the forum was open for questions and doubts. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks.

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