DateLecture TopicKey Highlights / TakeawaysResource Person
15.12.2023Career Opportunities for MBA GraduatesThe session provided details on how to excel in your career and how important career dreams are and working towards it one step at a time for success. The Resource person also focused on giving insights about the current market trends and how they affect the employees and detailed notes on every MBA specialization.Er. Parthiban Kandappan
01.02.2024“Global Geo politic Economics and its impact on business trends”The workshop was a well-balanced blend of theory, interactive activities, and practical discussions. It not only enhanced the students' understanding of government processes but also encouraged them to think critically about the functioning of democracy and government services. The engaging and participatory nature of the workshop made it a valuable learning experience for all participants.Mr. Raimund Grafe
09.01.2024AI an Innovation EnablerPrince Chacko Johnson coordinated efforts to share insights on how AI is useful in different domains. Detailed the use cases across domains like Healthcare, Energy, Retail, EdTech, etc. Provided understanding of market trends and impact on the research, daily routines and leadership roles.Mr. Prince Chacko Johnson
01.02.2024Dynamic leadership in global world• Dynamic leadership in a global world and the ability to embrace uncertainty with confidence.
• How leaders must be agile in thinking and decision-making, ready to pivot when necessary while staying true to our core values and vision.
• As a leader, fostering a mindset of self-belief and continuous growth, learn from failures, and strive towards personal and professional development
Mr. Melvin Pillay
05.2.2024Design thinking for MBA studentsAdopting a user-centric and collaborative approach to innovation. Approach to empower teams to think creatively, solve complex problems, and deliver exceptional value to users and stakeholdersDr. Sharmini Gopinathan
09.02.2024Corporate entry strategy; expectation of global MNCsThe webinar provided valuable insights into the expectations of global MNCs regarding corporate strategy. It underscored the need for agility, innovation, and a balanced approach to globalization and localization. Furthermore, it highlighted the integral role of digital transformation, sustainability, CSR, and risk management in shaping strategic priorities. Overall, the discussions emphasized the importance of adaptability and foresight in navigating the complex landscape of corporate strategy for MNCs in the contemporary business environment.Mr. David Daniel
06.02.2024Understanding the brave dark world & harnessing generative AIThe speaker delved into practical examples showcasing how MBA students could leverage Generative AI in various business scenarios. Students got a more in-depth understanding and hands-on experience, further enhancing their skill set in this rapidly evolving field.Mr. Vasudevan Kidambi