Centre for Nanosciences and Genomics

  • PO1:Students will communicate the current developments in science through a scientific jargon.
  • PO2:Students will demonstrate a high level of scientific proficiency.
  • PO3:Students will develop the skill of combining science and technology.
  • PO4:Students will position their work at the interface of science education and the needs of the society.
  • PO5:Students will learn to professionally connect education and industry.
  • PO6:Students will equip themselves with research skills.
  • PSO 1:Become Nanotechnology professionals and scientists with profound knowledge on Nanoscience and Technology.
  • PSO 2:Gain hands on experience on nanotechnology experiments and analytical instruments and apply them in research.
  • PSO 3:Communicate effectively and disseminate information on modern science and technology across disciplines and to the public.

Testimonies by our Alumni