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September 25, 2020

Sustainable Solutions with Innovation and Research on Natural Products

The first international symposium (webinar) jointly organized by Department of Biotechnology, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS) and Center for Natural Sciences and Environmental Research (CENSER), De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines on Sustainable Solutions with Innovation and Research on “Natural Products” was held on 25th September 2020. The objective of this symposium was to foster the academic and research potentials emphasizing on nurturing the biopotential of natural products and it was well received by more than 500 participants from 13 countries. In his welcome address, Dr. Sajan Kurian, Dean, School of Agriculture and Biosciences, KITS formally welcomed the panellist from the organizing institutes of both countries and also the delegates across the globe. In this symposium, Dr. Jibu Thomas, Associate Professor & Head (i/c), Department of Biotechnology, KITS, India delivered a talk on the topic "Plant Polyphenols – Properties and applications" and during this he summarized the health benefits of polyphenols and the vast research scope available in this area, Dr. Ma Luisa Enriquez Scientist in Residence from DLSU, Philippines, in her talk she briefed on the different methods available for assessing the cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of natural products, Dr. M.S.A Muthukumar Nadar, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, KITS, India elaborated on the methods involved in the development of Herbal Wound Healing Ointment and the different procedures available to create wound models in animals, Ms. Maria Nilda M. Munoz, Scientist in Residence from DLSU, Philippines, in her speech, she narrated the importance of Academia & Industry Collaboration and also detailed on the opportunities for researchers to drive their talents in both academia and industries to bridge the existing gap especially with respect to natural products. Finally, Dr Divina Amalin, Head, CENSER, DLSU, Philippines proposed the vote of thanks.

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