I owe my success and happiness to the life lessons learnt at Karunya, in addition to Engineering. Learning to succeed and fail early and to invest in relationships are invaluable lessons learnt as a student of Karunya. I value the institutions infrastructure; blissful environment and focus on physical and mental wellbeing are my takeaways from my stay at Karunyaread more

Gopal VK

Gopal VK Global Vice President, Genpact-Barkawi, USA
Mechanical 1988-1992

Karunya developed a Positive attitude in me, it helped me to learn several new technologies. Technological Excellence, in the university: Equipped even in those days with one of the best University library / Computer lab / Electronic devices lab, some of the best professors. My Electives in the University in Radar Engineering and Optical Fiber Communications, and various extracurricular activities at Karunya (Active member of Karunya Cultural Team) played a key role in helping me to clear the Indian Airforce SSB in Mysore. (Dec’1991).read more

Immanuel Isaac Devairakkam

Immanuel Isaac Devairakkam Senior Customer Program Manager, NVIDIA, Germany
ECE 1988 –1992

I joined Karunya that I could grow more in God’s word and be more intimate with my Lord. My spiritual foundation was actually built in karunya which actually helped me out to overcome life’s challenges. I learnt from karunya that, when God is for you, nobody can stand against you. read more

Joje Thomas

Joje Thomas manager - Forecourt Division, Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services
Mechanical 1986-1990

Karunya was instrumental in me coming to Germany. I had applied for an IAESTE Internship in Karunya and I got selected. After my internship, God gave me grace to study German language and do my masters in Mechanical Engineering in German language from TU Clausthal. His favour caused me to get the DAAD Prize for best outgoing international student. read more


Arun Thomas Technology Consultant - Zielpuls GmbH, Germany
Mechanical 2005 – 2009

Finding ones purpose and the reason for his/her existence is one of the significant key to unveil the beauty of freedom, joy and peace. This is what Karunya has given me. Looking back, undoubtedly morning assembly would be my first thing which I miss the most today. What a privilege to sit in the Lord’s presence and start the day. I am very thankful for the university management for this. read more


Christon Ragavan Research Assistant - International Audio Laboratories Erlangen, Germany
EMT(2012- 2016)

Life is filled with lot of journeys. Sometimes we forget the journeys that are very boring but till the end of our life we carry some the most memorable journeys. One of the best journeies in my life started in Karunya.

Zechariah Abel Technical Lead, HCL Technologies
MCA 2007-2010

Karunya gave me opportunities to harnessthe Leadership potential within me.At a strategic level, what I’m really saying is that the “Soft Skills”, the “Behavioral skills” and the “Can do” winner-attitude that I picked up at Karunya have helped me succeed in my Corporate Career!

Sam Rufus Chief of Staff / Operations Leader - to the CTO of Deloitte,
B.Tech (Mech) BATCH 1993-1997

The beautiful campus, daily morning worship, the hostel prayer cell groups, the amazing staff and students makes a deep, lasting impact on the lives of all the students.I have seen my friend from Karunya truly “Rise & Shine” all over the world.

Paul Jeyasingh Financial Services Technology Leader - Advisory & Architecture
Amazon Florida, USA
B.Tech (Mech) BATCH 1989-1993

Karunya has friendly, approachable professors who helped me learn every day and grow as a professional.I was growing strong day by day in the Lord and got various opportunities to participate in different spiritual activities which molded me to be a better person.

Daniel Jacob Vice President - HR, EC Group International
MBA BATCH 2003-2005

I can say that my four years in Karunya changed my life for better.When I joined Karunya, I was not a good speaker but now I speak to the top officials of MNCs, conduct personal interviews.

Joshua Madan

Joshua Madan CEO- Covenant Group, Chennai, India
B.Tech (ECE) BATCH 1994-1998

It is really amazing to see the changes that has been brought in Karunya. I am really proud to see the developments in terms of research and infrastructures. It’s a good time to cherish all the past memories.

Malarkodi R Assistant Commissioner, Indian Revenue Services
B.TECh,MTECH(ECE) BATCH 2004-2008,2008-2010

Hostel Life, Christmas Mega play, Mindkraft, late night recording sessions.....friends. It was a great journey indeed in Karunya.

Jimmy Thomas Mechanical Engineer, WARTSILA Hail, Saudi Arabia
Mechanical BATCH 2008-2012

Its always a blessed feeling to come back to Karunya All that I have achieved today is a blessing and is all because of Karunya.

Alvin Abraham Captain, Indian Army
B.Tech(Mech) BATCH 2009-2013

Karunya gave me the spiritual foundation which without a doubt has helped me overcome all life's challenges. Karunya sowed the seed that if God is With you , no one can be against you.

Nancy Pandian Sr.Manager, Walmart, USA
EEE BATCH : 1998-2002

I have lot of wonderful memories of Karunya, I used to captain the basket ball team in the year 2001, was also part of the athletics team which set the record in 2001. I continued my studies and completed my M.E there and even worked as part time lecturer for 3 months, so I have wonderful memories of the college and hostel life.

Arun Jothlingam Operations Manager, ENTRION, USA
ECE BATCH 1997-2003

It has been ever so brilliant, my first venture away from home! Great experiences meeting new people and made life long friends. The Cultural exchange was vital,and I was an ardent Tamil movie fan!!!Karunya set the foundation for an international exposure.

Sherwin Thomas Project Team Leader, Axalta, Detroit ,USA
PROD. BATCH 2003-2007

Karunya is the place where my dreams came true.I did everything that I had planned for.It taught me what life is about.. It was a very good experience. I learnt many things and the friends I made in Karunya are for life.

Vinuthuna Reddy Infosys. Hyderabad, India
CSE BATCH 2010-2014

In Karunya I profited from a great experience. Really miss the wonderful times.. The lessons learnt has kept me in a good position.

Newin Durai Associate Vice president Infosys Chennai, India


I am Joje Thomas, I belong to the First Batch of students who joined KIT. I belong to the batch 1986 to 1990. I passed out my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in the year 1990.

My Parents and I knew joining KIT would be the best decision. To pursue Engineering in a university founded by one of the greatest Men of God Dr. D.G.S Dhinakaran was a dream come true. Because I knew that along with the Engineering course, even my Spiritual life would be taken care of. Yes, my parents had given me a strong foundation on being firm in Christ, but it’s only because I joined KIT that I could grow more in God’s word and be more intimate with my Lord. My spiritual foundation was actually built in KIT which actually helped me out to overcome life’s challenges. I learnt from KIT that, when God is for you, nobody can stand against you. It was a very proud moment for me when I was involved in the healing ministry that used to be conducted regularly in the college Auditorium. When we as students were selected to help out in these meeting, I was overjoyed as I got firsthand experience to witness many miraculous healing that God Almighty Performed through our Founder. I could closely watch this Man of God being so sensitive to God’s presence. I have learnt a lot throughout my 4 years of Engineering in KIT which I will always cherish throughout my life.

My professors played a very important role in bringing the best out of me. Their guidance throughout my 4 years have helped me a lot to do my best in the field of Engineering that I had chosen. After my graduation, I immediately got placement as a trainee through Campus Interview in a prestigious company in Hosur. I completed my 2 years training with the company and though I could have continued with the organization, my God made alternative arrangements for me to go to UAE.

I had no clue of working in the Gulf and this was an atmosphere that was totally different. I got an offer in a company to work as Project Engineer.

With literally no Prior Experience in the Project field, I was literally thrown into this field and was asked to perform my duties which was actually a herculean task for me. I remember those days very well, when I sometimes had to stay in the office working at a stretch for more than 36 hours without sleep, as I had to complete my deadlines. The working atmosphere was not at all a pleasant one, as I was literally on needles and pins every day. The other depressing factor was the remuneration at the end of the month was also not at all attractive. There were days, when I wondered if my decision to come to UAE was a right one, as I was literally struggling every day.

Yes, the working atmosphere was very tough for me, but deep within me, I knew that my God was mounding and shaping me for a better future. There were days when my superiors, would be pounding on me for unnecessary issues, but I never rebelled against them, as I knew the biblical principal of subjecting yourselves to your authority and never to rebel against them. In all these troubles, I never failed to keep up my personal time with my God. Under these tough circumstances, I would always keep my personal time with God, I knew that at the right opportune time God would definitely open a door for me. I must say that through all the hard work that I was put into, made me gain a lot of knowledge practically.

After 5 years of struggle, God opened an opportunity in a multinational firm. It was during this time that God blessed me with a beautiful spouse of his choice as well. We started our family life in the year 1997. Our married life became fruitful when God blessed us with our first son in 1999 and the blessing became more fruitful the following year in 2000 with my second son. It was a coincidence to see that on the same day my second son was born, I got a breakthrough in a prestigious Oil and Gas firm, which was always my dream and passion. I joined this firm and a new department was birthed with my joining. I was given the responsibility of growing this department. I can boldly say that, I was literally taught everyday by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guided me in making some of the bold decisions which helped grow my department as well as the company. The revenue of the company started to increase as my department started growing. The company Management started to believe in my ability. They had a lot of trust and faith in my abilities, I started to add a lot of overseas company as our Principals and we started to represent them in UAE.

From the year 2000 till date, my God has always been elevating me. Now, I am the Divisional Manager, heading a department that has over 10 Major Oil and Gas principals from all over the world. When the department birthed with me, I was the first staff in this department but God almighty has blessed the works of my hands and, today I have over 100 technical engineers and staff working in my department.

Every year the growth chart of my department has only been going upwards. I am not boasting of my capabilities here, because I know I can do nothing without my God. It is my Lord Jesus and Him alone that I boast about.

As I started my journey with the Oil and Gas field, God also placed me and my family in a Spirit filled church in UAE, and from then on there has been no looking back. We as a family have been a part of this church for many years. As we grew under our Spiritual Leadership, we as a family have tasted and seen His goodness in every area of our lives Be it my workplace, my married life, bringing up my children, through our Leaders our God has been leading and guiding us according to His will.

Now my elder son is pursuing Medicine in a European country and my younger son is pursuing Engineering in a university in UAE. I know He is still not done with me, He has greater plans in store and I pray that, he will use me in a mighty way to bring Him glory and honor. I can boldly say that the learning for all this advancement has been gained by me during the 4 years of stay at KIT.

I will always be indebted to our Founders Family and the staff of KIT


Gopal VK

Gopal is a global business operations and consulting executive, adept in combining thought and team leadership with execution to create results. His areas of work is around Service Operations, Customer Experience and supply chain/logistics driving Digital and Business transformation thru Analytics, Technology and Operations.

Currently, Gopal is a Global Vice President and a member of the management team at Genpact-Barkawi. Based in the US and Germany, Barkawi Management Consultants is known as the “Hidden Champion of the consulting industry”. He incubated a strategic partnership for Barkawi with Genpact which then led to an acquisition.

He is a recipient of “2013 Pros to Know award”- Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE), USA. A recognized thought leader and an invited speaker in the services and supply chain space, Gopal served actively on leading educational and industry forums:

  • President - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals(CSCMP)
  • Member of the National Logistics Advisory Council of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)
  • Board Member - Arizona State University(ASU) - Center for Services Leadership (CSL)

Gopal has contributed to the CSL Research priorities initiative for the Journal of Service Research. He was invited to the evaluation committee for the CSL Leading Edge Service Research Award. Applicants for the award are leading faculty members from US and Europe.

He relocated to the US from India in 2014 on a prestigious O1 Visa and has traveled and worked with clients in the US, Europe, Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, China) and South Africa.

A Mechanical Engineer, with an MBA, he is certified on Lean, Six sigma, Deming Principles. In addition he completed an Executive Program from University of Oxford. He has attended the Program in Strategic Marketing offered by Philip Kotler and executive leadership programs offered by Bain Capital and Franklin Covey

Gopal VK, (Mechanical 1988 – 1992)
Global Vice President
Barkawi Management Consultants,Dallas,USA

Arun Thomas

I currently live in Munich and work as a Project Manager for a consulting company based out of Munich. I enjoy working with international teams, and working for major automobile brand in state-of-the-art Electrics/Electronics projects gives me great satisfaction

I did my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering between 2005-2009. Karunya was instrumental in me coming to Germany. I had applied for an IAESTE Internship in Karunya and I got selected. After my internship, God gave me grace to study German language and do my masters in Mechanical Engineering in German language from TU Clausthal. His favour caused me to get the DAAD Prize for best outgoing international student.

My wife and I are blessed with a son. We as a family are active at our local church, and are impacting the young generation.

Arun Thomas, (Mechanical 2005 – 2009)
Technology Consultant, Zielpuls GmbH

Christon Ragavan

About Me:

I am currently living in Germany for about 3 years now. I am doing my master’s program (M.Sc. Media Technology) in Germany at Technical University of Ilmenau (TUI). TUI is one of the renowned university in the field of media technology. What makes this university significant is because Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg, the founder of mp3 codec who is leading the faculty of Media Technology with it’s research in the area of 3D spatial audio.Meanwhile, I am also working as Research Assistant with Prof. Meinard Müller, International Audio Laboratories, Erlangen

I am actively part of church planting ministry where we started as group of 3 believers. By the Grace of God now we have 40+ English speaking and Sunday church service. At the same time working with house church concepts. Meanwhile I support worship and preaching ministry in various churches around Germany.


Spiritual: Finding ones purpose and the reason for his/her existence is one of the significant key to unveil the beauty of freedom, joy and peace. This is what Karunya has given me. Looking back, undoubtedly morning assembly would be my first thing which I miss the most today. What a privilege to sit in the Lord’s presence and start the day. I am very thankful for the university management for this.

Education: Electronics and Media technology (EMT) department was fairly in the starting phase of 2012 when I joined. Even then we had a best studio facility which defiantly can be comparable to international educational standards of that time. I enjoyed my time recording Christmas Mega play for two consecutive years (one of the best memories). Agreeing upon, a vast variance in unique talents and expertise which can be found in student population. EMT offered a variety of specialization facilitating the student to reach their maximum potential at best. One such example is myself, where I was more inclined towards audio technology at B.tech than creative and currently I am involved in Music Information Retrieval field of research with the leading teams in the world. EMT had supportive, highly communicative faculties. Having said this, with proper guidance one student can reach their maximum potential is well known. One of the key skills for a teacher is to carry and pass on their passion to the students. And I am privileged to say that my passion for audio technology was kept burning because of my faculty.

Social Life: Often time we underestimate the importance of living in harmony with different people. I have learnt many life lessons living and spending quality time with people around the country with different languages and culture. I had a wonderful experience all together.

Christon Ragavan (EMT 2012- 2016)
Research Assistant, International Audio Laboratories Erlangen

Immanuel Isaac Devairakkam

Professional Career

Started my Career in the Indian Air Force (Shillong and New Delhi) as a Short service commissioned officer –1992 – 1998. I thank God to be one among the few Karunyans who made the SSB in Mysore. When I left the IAF (New Delhi) to join the MNC’s in field of GSM Mobile communication I left IAF with excellent grades, that my AOC requested me to accept the offer of Permanent commission, which I rejected then. (Now I realize it was God’s will that I moved on)

After a brief stint in Ambala as Regional Manger for Escotel Mobile Communications ( God gave me the opportunity to master the Hindi language especially among Punjabi- Hindi speakers) – moved on to Bell Labs – Sep’1999

Sep’1999 – Started at Bell Labs Saudi Arabia and then in Oct 2000 (After my marriage to Margaret Isaac in July’2000) moved to Nuremberg Germany and remained in Germany since then. Currently Leading Automotive Customer Program Management for Daimler Benz Customer accounts for a MNC HQ’d in Santaclara USA. God has blessed us with 2 Children Andrew and Jessica. (Ages 17 and 11)


I recommitted my life to Jesus and to do GOD’s ministry on 03.10.1998 in a Jesus calls Crusade in New Delhi. God enabled me to focus my eyes on him and not on the things of the world. He also reminded me the promise I made during a Power Ministry prayer time.(I had made a covenant with God in June 1992 to do GOD’s ministry, but did not pursue actively until Oct’1998) Since then Christ has been the center of my life and our family.

By the grace of God, I started preaching ministry in Jan’2003, in Germany at a Baptist Church in a US Army base 100kms from our home. We were regular there for 2 years before moving to a German Church near Nuremberg. I was in leadership team as Elder in that church ( from June 2004 – Sep 2012), after which God moved us from Nürnberg to Munich due to a shift in my Job. He enabled us to start a new Home group in our Living room, which grew and resulted in a New Munich Branch church to be established in Oct 2013. I got ordained as Pastor of this New planted church in April 2016. International Jesus Gemeinde in Germany is affiliated to Church of God of Prophecy, USA, followed by ordination of Bishop in July 2018 in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. Glory to God.

I am Still active in church planting ministry work in a nearby town in Augsburg. (The place where Martin Luther was in Trial). Mentoring Young couples to serve Jesus. Our church services are in English with German Translations in Munich and Augsburg. Small groups in Hindi and Tamil. Preaching in Tamil, Hindi, English and German languages.

On 09th Oct 2015 God enabled us to register Jesus calls Germany in Munich at our Home Address. A few Karunyans and several new Partners were part of the first meeting. We have a virtual Prayer Tower for Germany, with callers calling the Mobile Numbers. Stretch Goal is to get connected to several JC partners who have lost contact with Jesus calls some way or other. My wife Margaret Isaac is the chairman of Jesus Calls Germany. Jesus Calls Germany conducted Gospel meetings in June 2017 with our Founders Family Dr.Paul Dhinakaran and Sis.Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran ministered in those meetings and several European believers / JC Partners / Church Leadership were blessed through the ministry and prayers. Added Several new members into Jesus Calls Germany.

Since 2010, I have also been active in Full Gospel Business Men’s fellowship sharing my testimony in German about the Blessings of being Faithful to God, HIS Church and HIS Calling. Many Business people including Doctors, Engineers come to Jesus / are restored back into the churches. God is using us a family to restore many back into HIS kingdom.

Also support several German Churches (Lutheran / Methodist Churches) in Pastors Fellowship meetings / prayers. God has instilled a passion in me to serve the organization (Karunya), where our foundation was laid. (Including guiding and mentoring a few Karunyan’s in Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic)

Immanuel Isaac Devairakkam (ECE 1988 –1992)
Senior Customer Program Manager