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School of Engineering and Technology

Civil Engineering

National Journals

  1. Civil Engineering & Construction Review
  2. IASET: Journal of Civil Engineering
  3. Indian Valuer
  4. Journal of Civil Engineering
  5. Journal of Construction and Building Materials Engineering
  6. Journal of Geological and Geotechnical Studies
  7. Journal of Geotechnical Studies
  8. Journal of Interior Design and Regional Planning
  9. Journal of Structural Engineering & Construction Technology
  10. Journal of Structural Technology
  11. Journal of Transportation and Traffic Systems
  12. Journal of Water Resources and Pollution Studies
  13. Research Alert
  14. Terra Green
  15. The Bridge & Structural Engineer
  16. The Indian Concrete Journal

National Magazines

  1. Down to Earth
  2. Ideal Home
  3. New Building Materials & Construction World

International Journals

  1. International Journal of Civil Engineering Research
  2. International Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  3. The Asian review of Civil Engineering

Mechanical and Aero Space

National Journals

  1. Asian Review of Mechanical Engineering
  2. Energy & Fuel Users Journal
  3. Energy Future
  4. Industrial Products Sources
  5. Journal of Advances in Material Science and Engineering
  6. Journal of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources
  7. Journal of Energy, Heat and Mass Transfer
  8. Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
  9. Journal of Manufacturing Systems Research
  10. Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  11. Journal of Robotics Research and Development
  12. Journal of Thermal Energy Systems
  13. Manufacturing Technology Today
  14. Overdrive
  15. TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment

International Journals

  1. Asian Journal of Science and Applied Technology
  2. Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology

Aerospace Engineering

  1. Journal of Applied Engineering Research and Technology
  2. Journal of Astronautics and Aerospace Engineering
  3. Journal of Mechanics and Solids
  4. Shock & Vibration
  5. VAYU Aerospace Defense Review
  1. Journal of Applied Engineering Research and Technology
  2. Journal of Astronautics and Aerospace Engineering
  3. Journal of Mechanics and Solids
  4. Shock & Vibration
  5. VAYU Aerospace Defense Review

Electrical Sciences

National Journals

  1. Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences
  2. Electrical India
  3. IEEMA Journal
  4. IETE Journal of Education
  5. IETE Journal of Research
  6. IETE Technical Review
  7. Industrial Automation
  8. Journal of Communication: Media Watch
  9. Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  10. Journal of Control and Instrumentation Engineering
  11. Journal of Instrumentation and Innovation Sciences
  12. Indian Journal of Embedded Systems
  13. Indian Journal of Robotics Applications
  14. Indian journal of Industrial Electronics and Control
  15. Indian Journal of Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields
  16. Journal of Signal Processing Systems

National Magazines

  1. Electronic Bazaar
  2. Electronic Out Look
  3. Electronics for you
  4. Lab Experiments

Computer Science & Technology

National Journals

  1. Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology
  2. Journal of Computer science and Engineering
  3. Journal of Data Processing
  4. Journal of Digital Information Management
  5. Journal of Information Security Research
  6. Journal of Information organization
  7. Journal of Information Technology Review
  8. Journal of Data Mining and Management

International Journals

  1. International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management
  2. International Journal of Web Applications
  3. International Journal of Data Analysis and Information Systems
  4. International Journal of Computational Vision and Applications
  5. International Journal of Network Security & Research

National Magazines

  1. Algorithms
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Communications & Networking
  5. Computer Networks
  6. Data Quest
  7. Digit Magazine
  8. Information Security
  9. Open Source for you
  10. PC Quest
  11. Soft computing
  12. Software engineering
  13. Voice and Data
  14. Wireless Communication and Networking

School of Management Sciences

National Journals

  1. Applied Finance
  2. Auto Car
  3. Bank Management
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Dalal Street Journal
  6. EVO
  7. Finance India
  8. Indian Journal of Marketing
  9. Indian Management
  10. International Journal of Marketing Research
  11. IUP Journal of Management Research
  12. Journal of Accounting & Finance
  13. Journal of Applied Finance
  14. Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship
  15. Management Review
  16. Marketing Management
  17. Organizational Behavior
  18. Over Drive
  19. Readers Digest
  20. Research Bulletin
  21. Smart Journal of Business Management Studies
  22. The Banking & Financial Post
  23. The Journal of Banking, Information Technology and management
  24. The Management Accountant
  25. Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers

National Magazines

  1. Business India
  2. Business Manager
  3. Business Today
  4. Forbes Indian
  5. Fortune India
  6. Harvard Business Review
  7. The Smart Manager

School of Arts and Science

National Journals

  1. Current Science
  2. DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology
  3. Indian Journal of Information Library and Society
  4. Popular Science
  5. Science Reporter

Media and Communication

  1. Asian Photography
  2. Better Photography
  3. Digital Multimedia Broad Costing
  4. Image and Video Processing
  5. Machine Vision
  6. Multimedia
  7. Nizhal
  8. Smart Photography

School of Agriculture and Bioscience

  1. Agricultural Engineering Today
  2. Farm Machinery Journal
  3. Indian Journal of Agronomy
  4. Indian Journal of Agricultural Science
  5. Indian Journal of Soil Conservation
  6. International Journal of Horticulture of Crop Science Research
  7. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science
  8. Journal of Horticulture Science IIHR
  9. Journal of Plantation Crops
  10. Journal of Root Crops
  11. Journal of Agricultural Engineering
  12. Journal of ornamental Horticulture
  13. Journal of Soil and water Conservation
  14. The Asian Journal of Horticulture
  15. Vegetos


  1. Bio Spectrum
  2. Indian Drugs
  3. Indian Food Industry
  4. Indian Journal of Biotechnology
  5. Indian Journal of Environmental Protection
  6. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology
  7. Journal of Biosciences
  8. Journal of cancer and tumour International
  9. Medicinal Plants – International Journal of Phytomedicine and related Industries
  10. Processed Food Industry
  11. Journal of Food Science and Technology

General Magazines

National Magazines

  1. Competition Success Review
  2. Education world
  3. Employment News
  4. Frontline
  5. K.Today
  6. India Today
  7. Kalki (Tamil)
  8. Kurukshetra
  9. Nanayam Vikatan (Tamil)
  10. New Frontiers in Education
  11. Readers Digest
  12. Sainik Samachar
  13. Stayfit World
  14. The Competition Affairs
  15. The Week
  16. Tamilaga Arasu
  17. University News
  18. Yogana

International Magazines

  1. National Geographic
  2. Scientific American
  3. Span
  4. Time