• The research areas of the department mainly focus on the vision of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences and the main importance is given to the four thrust areas i.e. Water, Energy, Food and Health.
    • Difference Equation
    • Optimization Techniques
    • Algebraic Topology and Membrane Computing
    • Accepted sampling plan
    • Differential Equations
    • Solid Mechanics
    • Stochastic Processes
    • Algebra
    • Applied Statistics
    • Fuzzy Topology
  • The faculty can be contacted based on their research expertise as described in the faculty research interests.
  • Sl.NoName of the FacultyArea of researchArea of specific Interest and consultancy
    1Dr. A. HEPZIBAH CHRISTINALNatural ComputingOptimization Techniques, Image Processing
    2Dr. J. DAPHY LOUIS LOVENIADifference Equations
    3Dr. S. ELIZABETH AMUDHINI STEPHENOptimizationApplication of Non traditional optimization in solving engineering problem
    4Dr. K. REBECCA JEBASEELI EDNAStatistical Quality ControlAcceptance Sampling Plans
    5Dr. V. JEMMY JOYCEStatistical Quality ControlAcceptance Sampling Plans
    6Dr. G. GOMATHI JAWAHARDifference Equations
    7Dr. V. KAVITHADifferential EquationsImpulsive differential equations, fractional differential equations, almost automorphic functions
    8Dr. B. ELAVARASANAlgebra and Discrete MathematicsCombinatorial structures in algebraic system
    9Dr. R. SELVAMANISolid MechanicsModelling of Cylindrical and Nano materials with linear and non linear boundary
    10Dr. K. PORSELVIAlgebra
    11Dr. C. BAZIL WILFREDStochastic ProcessITS and MAC control
    12Dr. J. VENINSTINE VIVIKGraph TheoryGraph coloring
    13Mrs. P.S. DIVYAStatistical ModelingMathematical applications in renewable energy
    14Dr. M. SELVARATHIFuzzy MathematicsFuzzy Automata
    16Mr. P. XAVIER
    17Dr. S. JEBASINGH
    18Dr. M. VIJILA
    20Ms. J. GRAYNADifferential EquationsImpulsive differential equations, fractional differential equations, almost automorphic functions
    21Dr. P. EVANZALIN EBENANJARTopologySoft topolgy, neutrosophic topology
    22Dr. H. JUDE IMMACULATETopologyintuitionistic fuzzy topology
    23Dr. K. SIVARANJANIDifferential Equations
  • Full Time Ph.D Research Scholars: 20
  • Part Time (Internal) Ph.D Research Scholar: 3
  • Part Time (External) Ph.D Research Scholars: 7
  • Full Time M.Phil., Research Scholars: 6