Non Academic Activities (NAA)

All Students are expected to enroll themselves in Non Academic Activities (NAA) under the Centre for  Extension Activities . NAA are those activities that are outside the regular academic programme. NAA are a means to enhance social interaction, leadership development, self-discipline and self-confidence. These activities are compulsory for students of KITS, especially in the first and second year undergraduate and integrated M.Sc. courses and in the first year of postgraduate students. However, students are allowed to volunteer for these activities in the third and fourth years of their courses as an optional and voluntary activity. 

There are Nine Clubs functioning under the Centre for Extension Activities to inspire students to contribute to society through community services. Through these clubs students also get exposure to social realities which help to build a link between the student community and the wider community and helps in developing a social commitment.


  • All students have to earn non-academic credits from their involvement in the Non Academic Activities. 
  • Students do not necessarily need to appear for formal examinations in order to earn credits under these, which are held / organized outside the standard academic hours of Non Academic Working Days (NAWD) and during events of National importance.
  • Each Club shall draw up a calendar of activities for the whole academic year and submit it in the Centre for Extension Activities for concurrence and record. 
  • The duration and attendance details of activities shall be marked by the Club Coordinators / Programme Coordinators. The Club Coordinators / Programme Coordinators shall keep a register of attendance, which should be available for comparison and cross checking if and when called for by competent authorities. 
  • Centre for Extension Activities will consolidate the NA credits and forward to CoE.  
  • A student who fails to earn sufficient number of credits under NAA will not be eligible to participate in the convocation of the KITS and the award of degree. 
  • Those who do not have sufficient NA credits will have to work additional hours to fulfill NAA related credit requirements and earn his/her degree.


  1. 1 REGISTRATION OF CLUB COORDINATORS: Announcements are made during the last week of April every year in Morning Assembly sessions regarding the registration of CC / CPC for various Clubs. Staff members who wish to join the Clubs and shoulder the responsibility of coordinating Club activities register themselves in any Club of their choice by submitting online Registration Form through MyKarunya or http//: during the second week of June every year. Once the registration process is over a consolidated list of Faculty / Staff members is prepared by the Head-CEA and submitted to the Registrar for perusal and approval. 
  1. 2 REGISTRATION OF STUDENTS INTO CLUBS: Announcements are made during the month of April in Morning Assembly sessions regarding the online registration of students into various Clubs. Students apply for membership in any student club by submitting an Online Registration Form through MyKarunya or http//: A student registered with a particular club has to continue with the same club for a period of at least one year and credit is awarded only at the end of the even semester.
  1. 3 SELECTION OF COORDINATORS: Head-CEA will prepare a list of selected members (to act as Club Coordinators and Club Programme Coordinators) and submit to the Registrar for approval. Office Order will be prepared and circulated among all the departments by the Registrar.  By default, continuous absenteeism of 3 programmes will result in cancellation of their membership. Marks are awarded based on their attendance and performance in the Annual Appraisal Form.
  1. 4 STUDENTS ENROLLMENT INTO CLUB ACTIVITIES: All students of First Year UG will be enrolled into NSS. The first year UG students can get Non Academic Credit through NSS only in their first year of study. Students have an option of joining in one of the student clubs from the second year of the under-graduate programme. Enrolment in NSS in the first year and in one of the student clubs in the second year is obligatory for the students. However, students who are enthusiastic about working in student clubs in their third year have an option of joining a club of their choice. Students are not expected to enroll and participate in NAA in their final year graduate programme unless specially permitted by the respective Director or HoD.
  1. 5 ENROLLMENT INTO NON- CLUB ACTIVITIES: Students have an option of joining Non Club Activities also. Sports quota students and KITS Sports and Games team members can register with the Department of Physical Education and earn NA Credits through Sports activities. Students can register their names as volunteers of various committees in Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament, MindKraft, and Annual Thanksgiving Day – Mega Play, etc.  and get one Non Academic Credit as per norms. Students can register their names with the Department of Value Education and earn NA Credit as per norms.
  1. 6 ORIENTATION: An orientation programme is conducted by CEA with the help of domain experts for all the registered CC, CPC and Student members before the first Non academic working day, in order to introduce all CCs to students and briefing about the purpose and objectives of various student clubs.
  1. 7 ACTION PLAN: The Club Coordinator / Program Co-coordinator draws action plans for the current semester and submit them to Head-CEA during the last week of July / December every year. Upon receipt of club-wise action plans the Head – CEA calls all the CC, PCO for a Planning Meeting during the first week of August / December and finalizes the action plan for the current semester in consultation with the Registrar. The programmes for NAWD are announced in the Morning assemblies, published in and Residence Notice Boards two days prior to Non-Academic Working Day (NAWD) for students’ reference. A copy of email to be sent to all Faculty / staff members. 
  1. 8 ATTENDANCE: All Club Coordinators are provided with an Attendance Register consisting of enrolled Students Attendance Form, Club Programme Coordinators Attendance Form and Action Report Format during the fourth week of July. The Club Coordinators maintain the register of attendance regularly.
  1. 8.1 Attendance in Cub Activities: It is mandatory for a student to attend all the activities conducted during the Non Academic Working day to earn non-academic credit under Non-Academic Activity (NAA). 

          Attendance of 4 NAWDs  = 1 NA Credit

  1. 8.2 Attendance in Non – Club Activities: A student has to work for 40 hours excluding OD to get one non-academic credit under Non – Club Activities (NCC, DoVE, Sports, KEMT and University Functions.).
  1. 9 PREPARATION OF NA CREDITS LIST: The respective club coordinators submit reports and Attendance Register on non-academic credits to Head - CEA within seven (7) working days after the completion of scheduled non-academic working day activities, and Head - CEA consolidates the Attendance of Clubs within seven (7) working days of receipt of the Attendance and published in the for students’ reference. 
  1. 10 PUBLICATION OF NON ACADEMIC CREDITS: The consolidated Non Academic Credit list in a semester is published in during the last week of every semester. Students can verify their NA credits and if there are any discrepancies, they can download the rectification form and submit it to the CEA office within the stipulated time for rectification. Final list of Non Academic Credit is published after one week of the due date for submission of rectification forms. 

           Grade is not necessary 

  1. 12 CLEARANCE OF NON ACADEMIC CREDIT ARREARS: A student who fails to earn sufficient number of credits under NAA is not eligible to participate in the convocation of KITS and for the award of degree. Those who do not have sufficient NA credits have to work additional hours and by paying Rs. 500 for every lacking NA credit, to fulfill NA credit requirements and earn his/her degree. 
  1. 13 CANCELLATION OF CLUB ACTIVITIES: When the number of applicants for a certain club is less than the minimum required, then the CEA in concurrence with the concerned                 Club coordinator takes decision to suspend the activities of respective club temporarily and same are communicated to all registered applicants as soon as possible.
  1. 14 SUBMISSION OF SEMESTER REPORT: Head - CEA consolidates all reports received from the respective club coordinators and submit them to the Registrar and Vice Chancellor in the last week of the Semester.
Name of Course
NA Credits to be earned to complete graduation
1B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) Regular (8 semesters) B.Sc Agriculture / B.Sc Horticulture41st to 4th Semesters
2B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) Lateral Entry (6 semesters)23rd to 4th Semesters
3M.Tech. ( Master of Technology) 2 years11st or 2nd Semester
4MBA (Master of Business Administration) 2 years11st or 2nd Semester
5B.Sc / BCom / BCA/ BBM/ BA (Full time 3 years)21st to 3rd Semesters
6M. Sc. / MA (Full time 2 years)11st or 2nd Semester
7M.Sc. (Five Year Integrated Course)41st to 6th Semesters

  • All the UG & PG Students are not allowed to earn Non-academic credits in their final semester. They should earn all the required Non-academic credits before the final semester.
  • Student-members of the club are expected to attend all the NAWDs to earn NA Credit and should avoid any academic programmes / activities during Non Academic Working Days.