Sl. No.
Diary NumberDate of Filing
1Classification of EEG Signals using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniues for Eyes Open and Eyes Closed Conditions10298/2022-CO/L18.05.2022Mr. P. Nagabushanam, Dr. S. Thomas George
2Development and Evaluation of Al 5083 Matrix Hybrid Composite Reinforced with MWCNT, MoB and Ni10384/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. A.H. Sajeeb Rahiman, Dr. D. S. Robinson Smart
3Analysis of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for the Detection of Breast Cancer using UWB Antennas10385/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. A. Amir Anton Jone, Dr. T. Anita Jones Mary Pushpa
4Studies on Cylindrical two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon using Nano Refrigerants10387/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. R. S. Anand, Dr. C P Jawahar
5Perceptual Mapping of Antecedents of Employee Loyalty10390/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. S. Anni Priyadharshini, Dr. J. Clement Sudhahar
6Studies on Energy Dissipation in Beam Column Joint of RCC Structure using Semi Rigid Connection10391/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. E. Arunraj, Dr. G. Hemalatha
7Integrated Water Management in Urban Residential Complexes in India - A Case Study of Delhi Capital City10394/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. G. Asirvatham, Dr. P. Jegathambal
8Development of Streptomyces SP Based Formulation and Evaluation of its Biocontrol Efficacy Against Damping-Off Pathogen Pythium Aphanidermatum in Gmelina Arborea10397/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. R. Beena Kanimozhi, Dr. R. S. David Paulraj
9Design of Hybrid Heuristic Approaches for Software Remodularization10398/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. R. Bright Gee Varghese, Dr. Kumudha Raimond
10Investigations on Double Metal Gate Hetero-Dielectric Tunnel FETs for Digital Circuits10400/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. D. Gracia, Dr. D. Nirmal
11Wave Propagation in a Non Homogeneous Plate of Polygonal Cross Sections10402/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. G. Infant Sujitha, Dr. R. Selvamani
12Characterisation of Magnetorheological Fluid Damper for Variable Frequency Applications10403/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. James Sathya Kumar, Dr. J. Jayakumar
13Data Driven Approach for Modeling, Simulation and Control of 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor10405/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. Jebarani Evangeline. S, Dr. S. Suresh Kumar, Dr. J. Jayakumar
14Certain Investigation on Double Elliptical Microstrip Patch Antenna for Miniaturization10408/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. Jerry V Jose, Dr. A. Shobha Rekh
15Deep Learning Based Human Emotion Recognition using Different Data Modalities10409/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. M.Kalpana Chowdary, Dr. D. Jude Hemanth
16Investigations on Metallurgical and Mechanical Properties of AA6061-B4C Surface Composites Produced by Friction Stir Processing and Friction Stir Surfacing10412/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. S. Mohanasundaram, Dr. S.J. Vijay
17Study of Periodic Orbits in the Photogravitational Restricted Three-Body Problem10413/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. Prashant Kumar, Dr. R. K. Sharma
18On Continuity of Multivalued Functions and Its Weak & Strong Forms10416/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. S. Premakumari, Dr. P. Thangavelu
19An Investigation on Techniques for Test Time Reduction and Fault Detection in SRAM10420/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. Princy Prince, Dr. N.M. Sivamangai
20Energy Efficient Routing, MAC Protocols with Game Theory Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks10422/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. S. Radha, Dr. G. Josemin Bala
21Investigation of Technical and Dosimetric Aspects of Respiratory Motion and a New Film Slope Method for Small Field Dosimetry10424/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. Raghavendra Holla, Dr. D. Khanna, Dr. T. Ganesh
22Enhancement of Properties using Composite Filler Rod (Al 4043+B4C/TiB2) in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Al 606110428/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Dr. S. Ramani, Dr. K. Leo Dev Wins
23Binding of Modified Beta-Cyclodextrins to Duplex and G-Quadruplex DNA10430/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. S. Suganthi, Dr. I. V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch, Dr. P. Mosae Selvakumar
24A Novel Solid State Transformer Topology for Enhanced Power Quality with Comprehensive Load Sharing using Soft Computing Techniques10433/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. N. Saju, Dr. V. Jegathesan
25Computational Intelligence Techniques for Solar Photovoltaic Applications10436/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. S. Satheesh Kumar, Dr. A. Immanuel Selvakumar
26Novel Multiconstraint Multicast Routing Techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks10440/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. S. Seetha, Dr. J. Sharmila, Dr. E. Grace Mary Kanaga
27Dimensions of Online Apparel Shopping and its Influence on Brand Engagement Outcomes10442/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Ms. J. Sharon Sophia, Dr. J. Clement Sudhakar
28Investigations on Flow Management Techniques in Data and Control Plane to Improve Quality of Service in Software Defined Wide Area Networks10445/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. C.N. Sminesh, Dr. E. Grace Mary Kanaga
29Mental Construal of V.S. Naipaul in the Writer and the World Essays: A stylistic Sentiment Approach10448/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. T. Stephen Jayamani, Dr. J. Sundarsingh
30Influence of Recreational Activities and Aerobic Exercise on Health Related Physical Fitness Components and Selected Anthropometric and physiological Variables of School Boys with Over Weight10452/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. S. Subramanian, Dr. A. Kalebrajan, Dr. D. Sathiakumar
31Use of Social Reviews to Improve the Product and Service Quality in Select Industries10454/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. G. Vikram, Dr. F. J. Peterkumar
32Millimeter-Wave Channel Estimation Methods for Hybrid Massive MIMO Communication System10457/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. S. Merlin Gilbert Raj, Dr. G. Josemin Bala
33Nonlocal Wave Propagation in a Thermoelastic Single Walled Carbon Nanotube10459/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. M. Mahaveer Sree Jayan, Dr. R. Selvamani
34Isolated Effect of Polymetric and Complex Training on Selected Physical Fitness, Psychomotor and Body Composition Variables of School Boys10461/2022-CO/L19.05.2022Mr. N. S. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. A. Kalebrajan, Dr. D. Sathiakumar
35Investigation on the Material and Design of Space Parameters in GaN-HEMT11387/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. Arivazhagan L, Dr. D. Nirmal
36Efficient Seed Set-Based Overlapping Community Detection Techniques for Social Networks11389/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. Belfin R V,Dr. E. Grace Mary Kanaga
37Studies on the Nanoparticle Coated Miniature Loop Heat Pipe withGraphene-Water Nanofluid11392/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. Trijo Tharayil,Dr. L. Godson Asirvatham
38Cyclodextrin-Functionalized Polymer-Magnetic Nanoparticle Hybrids for Anticancer Drug Delivery11395/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. R. Sivaraj,Dr. I. V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch
39Investigations on Medical Image Compression using Advanced Transform Based Techniques11398/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. S. Saravanan,Dr. D. Sujitha Juliet
40Signal Processing Techniques Applied to EEG Signals for Diagnosing Neurological Disorders11403/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Ms. Sairamya N J, Dr. S. Thomas George
41Design and Cryptanalysis of Public Key Cryptosystems Based on Elliptic and Conic Curves11407/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Ms. Renu Mary Daniel, Dr. R. Elijah Blessing
42Realization of Wide Spectrum Absorption with Curtailed Recombination in Organic (ZnPc) Donor by Ultrathin Inorganic Acceptors Through Quantum Cascade Structures11411/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. R. Rathes Kannan,Dr. S. Rajesh
43Evaluation of Different Dosimetric Parameters in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Treatment Planning and Delivery Systems for Various Clinical Sites11416/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. P. Mohan Dass,Dr. D. Khanna
44Study on the Influence of Ceramic Particulates on AA7068 Metal Matrix Composites Synthesized by Powder Metallurgy11419/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. K. John Joshua, Dr. Vijay S J, Dr. Philip Selvaraj D
45Optimization Based Self Oranising Map Classifiers for Iris Image Recognition11421/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. J. Jenkin Winston,Dr. D. Jude Hemanth
46Learning Based Single Image Super- Resolution Algorithms for Low Resolution Retinal Images11422/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. J. Jebaveerasingh, Dr. J. Dinesh Peter
47Regularized Astrodynamics using Kustaanheimo-Stiefel Space11425/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. Harishkumar Sellamuthu, Dr. Ram Krishan Sharma
48Hybrid Feature Subset Selection using Effective Adaboost Algorithm for Decision Tree Based Classifiers11426/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. S. Dinakaran, Dr. P. Ranjit Jeba Thangaiah
49Studies on Magnetorheological Damper for Seismic Resistance of Structures11434/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. C. Daniel, Dr. G. Hemalatha
50Fluorescent Chemosensors for Detection of Aluminium, Cerium, Iron And Silver Ions11435/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. N. Bhuvanesh, Dr. R. Nandhakumar
51Hydrogeochemistry of Cauvery Delta with Special Reference to Water Quality Status11437/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. Aswin Kokkat, Dr. P. Jegathambal, Dr. E. J. James
52Investigation on Suppression of Tool Vibration Using Smart Damper During Turning of Hardened SS41011438/2022-CO/L31.05.2022Mr. X. Ajay Vasanth, Dr. Sam Paul P, Dr. Varadarajan A S