S.No.Title of InventionApplication NumberDate of FilingInventors
1A Method for Decolourization of Dyeing Waste Water by Electrocoagulation using Titanium Dioxide Coated Aluminium Electrode2474/CHE/201516.05.2015Vinodha Selvaraj,
Dr. Jegathambal Palanichamy,
Dr. Parameswari Kalivel
2Synthesis of Pegulated Caffeic Acid – A Novel Anti-Cancer Drug20194102140030.05.2019Dr. Narendhirakannan. RT
Dr. Ishwarya M
3Method For Recovery of Nanoparticles From Leach Liquor20164104190912.08.2016Dr. S. Sundar Manoharan,
Dr. Princy Merlin
4Formulation and Evaluation of Ganoderma Niosomal Topical Gel Drug Delivery System20194103041527.07.2019Dr. Vimalin Hena