B.A. Criminology

About the Program

Karunya Institute of Technology is a pioneer in introducing the Undergraduate Program in Criminology in 2017. The scope of Criminology is not merely limited to serving in the Police Force but includes career prospects in the field of Forensic Science, Research, Security Management, Private Detective & Investigation, Legal Advocacy, Human Rights Advocate, Correctional Officer, Investigative Reporter, Victim Assistance – NGOs and UN organizations. Various events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, special lectures, social activities and extra-curricular activities have been organized to showcase the importance of the program and the need to serve the society differently.

Courses Offered:

The Bachelor’s degree in Criminology in its rightful essence offers Courses such as Crime, Psychology & Criminal Behaviour, Criminal Law, Police Administration, Correctional Administration, Forensic Science & Medicine, Cyber Crime, Victim Assistance services, Juvenile Justice System, Private detective & Security Management to ignite young minds towards serving the community with passion and integrity.

Along with the theoretical input, Institutional visits to Police Stations, Fire and Rescue Stations, Courts and Prisons are organized for the students to gain practical knowledge of the functioning of the Criminal Justice System.

Practical classes also include Indoor Training in Crime scene investigation, Criminal Profiling, Fire & Safety, Finger print developing for which a specialized Criminology lab is being established. Outdoor Training for students comprises of drill, self-defence martial arts, trekking and more to build the physical stamina and instil in them sense of discipline. The syllabus is revised periodically to incorporate the ever changing forms of crime and the advanced methods of crime prevention and detection.

Placement Potential:

B.A. Criminology graduates will be inducted in the any of the following public and private sectors.

Public Sector

  • Police
  • Prison & Correctional Institutions
  • Law Department
  • UN Organizations
  • Private Detective & Investigators
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Human Rights Advocate
  • Investigative Journalist
  • Security Managers
  • Victim Assistance in NGOs