Research Scholars

S.No.Name of the Research ScholarRegnoSupervisorJoint SupervisorTitle

Computer Applications

1Ms. Vasantha Kokilam KRP12CA002Dr. D. Ponmary Pushpa LathaNAEnsemble method using resampling techniques for handling multi-class imbalance and concept drift for dynamic data stream
2Ms. Patricia Annie Jebamalar JRP10CA005Dr. Sujni PaulDr. D. Ponmary Pushpa LathaEnhancement of Dijkstra's algorithm for optimizing path based on traffic congestion and emission using data mining
3Ms. Vijayalakshmi P08ZH005Dr. J. SharmilaNANovel energy - aware routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks using power save approach
4Ms. Anuja Beatrice B08ZH001Dr. E. KirubakaranDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahSoft computing techniques to enhance the prediction accuracy of machining performance
5Mr. Dinakaran SRR11CA001Dr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahNAHybrid feature subset selection using effective adaboost algorithm for decision tree based classifiers
6Ms. A. Bamini09ZH007Dr. S. Franklin JohnDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahA novel approach to analyze customer buying behavior and loyalty using mining data model
7Ms. R. Sumithra09ZH009Dr. Sujni PaulDr. D. Ponmary Pushpa LathaDesign and development of a hybrid weighted-hasht apriori mining algorithm with hadoop distributed file system
8Ms. S. Pitchumani Angayarkanni09ZH013Dr. A.R. Nadira Banu KamalDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahA novel approach for automatic detection of cancerous masses in mammogram
9Ms. S. C. Punitha08ZH012Dr. M. PunithavalliDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahEnhanced ontology based clustering techniques for text documents
10Ms. Edith Linda P08ZH003Dr. E. ChandraDr. J. SharmilaEstimation of class quality through optimal quality indicators and scorecards
11Ms. T. R. Sivapriya09ZH014Dr. A.R. Nadira Banu KamalDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahAn integrated approach with enhanced feature selection in the multinomial classification of alzheimer's dementia
12Ms. Sujatha. V09ZH001Dr. M. PunithavalliDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahEnhanced approaches for classifying user navigation patterns using ensemble clustering and classification algorithm
13Ms. Beulah christalin latha. C08ZH002Dr. E. KirubakaranDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahEnhancing E-Learning Through On-Line Web-based continuous Evaluation Systems
14Mr. Benneaser JRP11CA001Dr. V. ThavavelNAInteractive instructional adaptive learning system (ALS)
15Mr. Vinod. V09ZH015Dr. G. RadhamaniDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahA quantified hybrid software development model integrating lean six sigma and agile principles
16Ms. Anita Sofia. V.S08ZH010Dr. S. ArockiasamyDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahEnergy conservation techniques for distributed clustered wireless sensor network
17Ms. E. Chandra Blessie09ZH003Dr. E. KarthikeyanDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahPreprocessing techniques for continuous attributes to improve the performance of the classifier
18Mrs. Menila James08ZH009Dr. S. ArockiasamyDr. P. Ranjit Jeba ThangaiahFace Recognition System in Compressed Domain By Applying Wavelet Transform and Feature Vector Optimization
19Ms. Ponmary Pushpalatha07ZH001Dr. D. Jeya Sundara SharmilaNAA Comprehensive Disease Specific Protein Ligand Binding Database (DS - PLBD)
20Ms. J. Sharmila06ZH002Dr. R. Elijah BlessingNANovel Stable Clustering protocols in mobile ADHOC networks using analytical hierachy process methodology
21Ms. J. Jebamalar Tamil Selvi06ZH003Dr. V. SaravananNADetection and elimination of duplicate data using token-based method for a data warehouse: A clustering based approach
22Mr. J. Rajan06ZH004Dr. V. SaravananNADesign and Development of an automated data mining system for object oriented data: A software agent based approach
23Ms. Sujini Paul06ZH001Dr. V. SaravananNAAn efficient distributed and parallel data mining approach for improved response time with dynamic remote memory utilization using intelligent agents


1Mrs. J. Daphy Louis Lovenia08ZJ002Dr. B. SelvarajOscillatory Behavior of Certain Classes of Difference Equations
2Mr. I. Mohammed Ali Jaffer08ZJ001Dr. B. SelvarajOscillatory Behavior of third and Fourth Order Difference Equations
3Ms. V. Kavitha08ZJ005Dr. M. Mallika ArjunanExistence and Controllability Results for Impulsive Abstract Functional Differential Systems with Delay
4Mrs. G. Gomathi Jawahar08ZJ004Dr. B. SelvarajA Study on Certain Types of Neutral Delay Difference Equations
5Mrs. S. Elizabeth Amudhini Stephen07ZJ001Dr. R. Mercy ShanthiOptimization of Indoor Environmental Quality in a University Building Using Non - Traditional Algorithms
6Mrs. K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna07ZJ002Dr. S. DevaarulA Study and Contributions to Quality Control Measures Based on Acceptance Sampling Plans
7Mrs. V. Jemmy Joyce07ZJ003Dr. S. DevaarulA Study and Contributions to Mixed Sampling Plans and Reliability Based Sampling Plans Using Certain Probability Models
8Mr. C. Ravichandran09ZJ004Dr. M. Mallika ArjunanExistence Results for Impulsive Differential and Fractional Differential Systems with Delay
9Mrs. S. Selvi09ZJ002Dr. M. Mallika ArjunanStudies on Impulsive Differential Systems Via Measures of Noncompactness
10Mrs. J. Michael Anna Spinneli07ZJ004Dr. M. Basheer AhamedA Study on Fuzzy Automata
11Mr. A. Ibrahim08ZJ003Dr. M. Basheer AhamedSome Contributions to Fuzzy Mathematics in Theoretical Computer Science
12Mr. C. Parthasarathy09ZJ005Dr. M. Mallika ArjunanStudies on Impulsive Stochastic Functional Integrodifferential Systems with Delay
13Mr. T. GunasekarRP10MA001Dr. M. Mallika ArjunanExistence and Controllability Results for Impulsive Intergodifferential Systems with Infinite Delay
14Mr. Nadaf Nabisab YamanurasabRP10MA005Dr. M. Mallika ArjunanExistence and Controllability Results for Impulsive Differential Systems with State-Dependent Delay
15Ms. Porselvi. KRP10MA002Dr. B. ElavarasanSemi ideal based zero divisor graph structures of posets
16Ms. Catherine Grace John JRP10MA003Dr. B. ElavarasanContributions to prime ideals of posets
17Ms. N. VithyaRP11MA003Dr. P. ThangaveluA Study on generalized b#-closed sets in topology and some sets in digital topology
18Ms. Evanzalin Ebenanjar PRR13MA002Dr. P. ThangaveluContributions to soft topology and applications to GIS
19Ms. Christu Nesam David DRP13MA001Dr. S. Elizabeth Amudhini StephenDesign optimization of mechanical systems using non-traditional optimization techniques
20Ms. Lavanya A. PRR13MA001Dr. J. Daphy Louis LoveniaOscillatory solutions of nonlinear fractional difference equations
21Ms. Sheeba Merlin GRP10MA004Dr. A. VethamanickamOn some special eulerian lattices
22Ms. M. SelvarathiRP13MA002Dr. J. Michael Anna SpinneliContributions to Fuzzy Automata
23Ms. Jeyachristy Priskillal JRR14MA001Dr. P. ThangaveluA study on fixed point theorems of contractive type mappings and fuzzy mappings
24Ms. Divya P SRP11MA002Dr. S. Devaraj ArumainayagamDesign and development of mathematical models for wind energy system
25Ms. Grayna JRP15MA002Dr. V. KavithaA study on stability and almost automorphic solutions to impulsive fractional differential systems in banach spaces
26Mr. P. XavierRP11MA004Dr. P. ThangaveluA Novel approach to fuzzy nearly open sets and fuzzy continuity
27Ms. Infant Sujitha GRP15MA001Dr. R. Selvamaniwave propagation in a non homogeneous plate of polygonal cross sections
28Ms. Soumya GeorgeRR16MA001Dr. V. KavithaAn analysis on stability and almost automorphic solutions to impulsive differential systems in Banach spaces
29Ms. Premakumari SRP11MA005Dr. P. ThangaveluOn Continuity of Multivalued Functions and its Weak & Strong forms


1Ms. R. Nageswari09ZL002Dr. J. SundersinghLateral Thinking Strategies for Second Language Enhancement of Learners At Teritiary Level: An Experimental Study
2Ms. P. S. Mary ChristinaRR10EN002Dr. Pauline DasSurvival amidst Cross-culturalism: A Parallel Study of Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient and Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance
3Mr. S. VinodKumar08ZL001Dr. P. SelvamThe Portrayal of Sufferings of the Common Man in the Select Works of Rohinton Mistry
4Mr. M. R. Krishnan Namputhiri08ZL003Dr. J. SundersinghExperiential Learning Method for Enhancing Communication Skill of Tertiary Level L2 Learners in Thrissur District
5Mr. V. SelvamRR11EN002Dr. S. JeyachandraSocial Realism in the Select Poems of Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt
6Mr. C. David Pugazhenthi09ZL001Dr. Olive ThambiEnhancing the Writing Skills of the Undergraduate Students in Arts and Science Colleges
7Ms. R. Geetha09ZL006Dr. Pauline DasBalancing of Culture and Modernity: A Study of Chinua Achebe's Select Novels
8Ms. D. Jeyamala08ZL006Dr. Pauline DasAssessment of Reading Skills and Strategies for Enhancing Reading in Engineering Students
9Mr. S. Sarat Chandran08ZL002Dr. J. SundersinghSubaltern survival strategies in Arundhathi Roy's the god of small things and Kiran Desai's the inheritance of loss
10Ms. Amutha DhanarajRP11EN001Dr. J. SundersinghSocial and stylistic study of Amitav Ghosh's the glass palace and sea of poppies
11Ms. Hansa PaulRP11EN003Dr. M. PoonkodiPortrayal of women as agents of metamorphosis in the select novels of amitav ghosh
12Ms. M. Geetha09ZL004Dr. J. SundarsinghPolyphony of female voices: A study of Manju Kapur's novels
13Mr. Joshua J JohnRP13EN001Dr. D. David WilsonBiblical overtones in the select poems of Robert lowell
14Ms. Theporal SRR15EN002Dr. J. SundarsinghEffectiveness of content and language integrated learning method in secondary level classroom: A study
15Mr. Stephen Jayamani TRP15EN001Dr. J. SundarsinghMental construal of V.S Naipaul in the writer and the world essays: A stylistic sentiment approach
16Ms. Ranjula Pushpa TRP12EN001Dr. J. SundarsinghSocio-cultural aspects in the select novels of Kiran Desai and Shashi Deshpande
17Ms. Crispine ShinyRR16EN001Dr. D. David WilsonA study on the Historical Narratives in the select novels of Tommy Tenney