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Title: Digital banking in India
Author: Dr.K.Aruna
Publisher Multi Spectrum Publication
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Sl.NoYearName of the FacultyTitle of the Book/Chapter PublishedTopicISSN/ISBN No.
12019-2020Dr.K.ArunaRejuvenation of Emerging Economies through Rural Skill DevelopmentPathways to progress for Women Entrepreneurs Schemes in India978-93-89507-28-7
22020-2021Dr.K.ArunaInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational ResearchA Cram on MSME with Allusion to Needs Schemes of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Tamilnadu Region2277-7881
32020-2021Dr.S.Thanga HelinaAdvanced in Commerce and ManagementA pragmatic study on Customer Consciousness on Green Banking978-93-9781-08-09