Department of Commerce and International Trade

  • PO1:Communicate Effectively & Work in Teams. .
  • PO2:Logical, Analytical, and Reasoning to Solve Problems.
  • PO3:Demonstrate Adequate Knowledge in the Functional Domains.
  • PO4:Approach Organizational Decisions with Ethics and Values.
  • PO5:Integrate Theory and Applications.
  • PSO 1:An ability to recognize the importance of professional development by pursuing Commerce & International Trade which offers challenging and rewarding careers and immediate employment and scope for higher education.
  • PSO 2:Apply conceptual understanding to solve practical decision-making problems, both independently and in teams, using techniques such as case analysis, group exercises, and assignments.
  • PSO 3:An ability to develop a systematic understanding of regional, national, and global trends and their impact on People, Global businesses, Technology, and the Economy.
  • PSO 4:An ability to demonstrate a critical awareness of current developments in accounting, costing, taxation, law, and economics.
  • PSO 5:An ability to identify business problems, formulate and find solutions.
  • PSO 6:Recognize and address regional, national, and global ethical issues vis a vis with Indian values and ethos and apply them in organizational settings.
  • PSO 7:An ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and orally.
  • PSO 8:Demonstrate Proficiency and make footprints in professional examinations like CA, CMA, CS in India and ACCA (UK), US CMA overseas.

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