Department of Commerce and International Trade

  • PO1:Communicate Effectively & Work in Teams.
  • PO2:Logical, Analytical, and Reasoning to Solve Problems.
  • PO3:Demonstrate Adequate Knowledge in the Functional Domains.
  • PO4:Approach Organizational Decisions with Ethics and Values.
  • PO5:Integrate Theory and Applications.
  • PEO 1:The Programme Educational Objectives provide students with the necessary knowledge coupled with the required skills to become effective leaders of business.
  • PEO 2:Every Commerce Graduate can expect to achieve the following learning objectives:Will develop an application - oriented thinking.
  • PEO 3:Will develop a sound technical knowledge in the domain of Financial/Cost. Management Accounting, Taxation Advertising, Economics and Law .
  • PEO 4:Will be equipped with the ability to articulate and inherit forward looking approach.
  • PEO 5:Will learn to have global view without losing the local stand and aware of its dynamics and appreciates diversity.
  • PEO 6:Will be able to Identify Ethical Dilemmas supported by personal integrity and confidence to act accordingly..
  • PEO 7:Will be a person of sound thinking and wisdom to solve problems of business and humanity..

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