Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)

The threat of cyber security attacks is increasingly apparent to individuals and organisations across the globe. From hacking to phishing, scamming to grooming, and botnets to cyber-terrorism, the variety and ingenuity of exploits appear to expand constantly.

In this context, this program addresses system vulnerabilities and preventive measures that may counter cyber-attacks, including steps to repair systems weaknesses, prevent repeat occurrences and collecting & examining digital evidence using a variety of digital and mobile forensics tools. It also helps in developing a detailed understanding of comprehensive cyber risk management practices for ensuring overall security.

The curriculum is designed to meet the growing needs of Information Security and Cyber Forensics professionals in the IT Industry, Corporate, Finance Sectors, Law Enforcement Agencies and other Government Agencies.


B.Sc Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)

M.Sc Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)

Placement Potential:

Information Security and Digital Forensics graduates will be inducted in the any of the following public and private sectors.

Career Prospects

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Forensic Computer Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Architect
  • IT Security Engineer
  • Security Systems Administrator