Department of Management Studies

  • PEO 1: Demonstrate sound technical knowledge in the Management domain and its facets in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, International Business and Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
  • PEO 2:Exhibit forward looking approach and be equipped with the ability to articulate the same. .
  • PEO 3:Execute and identify ethical dilemmas supported by personal integrity and confidence. .
  • PEO 4:Embrace global views and its dynamics to understand and appreciate diversity.
  • PEO 5:Apply sound thinking and wisdom to solve business and societal problems.

      • PO1: Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
      • PO2: Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
      • PO3: Ability to develop Value based Leadership.
      • PO4: Ability to understand, analyse and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.
      • PO5: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

    Programme Outcomes Attainment

    Program Outcome (PO) is evaluated based on students’ performance in the assessments. The attainment of Program Outcomes is evaluated through direct and indirect assessment methods. The Program components are categorized as Program Core, Professional Electives, Internships and Projects.

    Testimonies by Our Students

    Niranjith Pravin Dev.R

    I am a proud alumnus of Karunya University Business School, and I completed my engineering in the 2006-10 batch of B.E. Computer Science and thereafter my MBA in the 2010-2012 batch. Right through my journey Karunya has helped me to understand the industry and given the right knowledge in learning the nuances of a workplace. Although I spent 6 years at the campus, there wasn’t one day that I felt that I had been at the wrong place. Karunya is a such a place that gives you the warmth and an atmosphere of solidarity. This trait of the institution and its stake holders, faculty and students sets the place apart from many other institutes in the country. To highlight one aspect which I took for my betterment was the morning assembly which I think most of the institutes lack. This gave a whole different paradigm of thought that led us throughout our tenure of study at Karunya. Talking about the School of Management, it had some of the best faculties who not only taught the curriculum but were training students to become better managers and leaders for the society. I happened to take Marketing as my major in MBA and today I still believe some of the concepts I studied had helped me kickstart my work life without any fear or ambiguity towards the workplace. It's a pleasure indeed in writing back to my alma mater and I hope this testimony is useful for many other who face crossroads when it comes to choosing institutions.
    As an outcome I am the Director of Arun Laser Ovens Pvt. Ltd. A few words about our company. We at Arun Laser Ovens Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturers of bakery machines with Italian Collaboration for technology, can provide end to end solutions for starting with complete bakery lines for small, medium, and large bakeries and production capacities ranging from as low as 100kgs to 50 tons per day. Our machineries are being used by some of the biggest names in the industry like Britannia, ITC, Parle, Unibic and thousands of other satisfied customers across India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia, Europe and Africa.
    Shino Shaji - 2017-19 Batch
    It has been the best decision taken in life while stepping in Karunya. A university not only with academic excellence but also with compassion to thrive students into life teaching victory. I have learned a lot through holistic hostel life and MBA helped me to achieve my dream. Where I was blessed with one of the top MNC company Nestlé in India. Thanks to all the faculty members and our chancellor Dr. Paul who has motivated us to be a living example of excellence. We have camps to motivate us through not only physical activity but also mental health. We have a lot of clubs that have enforced us to do creative events. Even we conducted Phronesis an inter-level business meet. Where we have shown talent in terms of entrepreneurship and management. The course is designed for practical development growth which is not only having theory-based classes but also a practical learning experience through various business sectors. Such as internships provided at Colgate, Coca-cola, ITC, and other top companies. Which is arranged through the college placement cell.