2017 International Conference on Big-Data and Cloud Computing

Date:April 1-2, 2017

Resource Persons:

1. Dr. Benny Kimelfeld, Associate Professor,Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

2. Mr. Ram Vishwanathan, CEO, Nathan Research Ltd, Dallas, USA

2018 International Conference on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Date:23 March 2018

Resource Persons:

1. Ms. Sugandha Srikanteshwaran, Director, Cognitive Automation Development, IBM Services

2. Dr. Paul D. Manuel, Kuwait University, Mr. G. Kumara Gurubaran, HCL America Inc. USA and Mr. MuraliErraguntala, CISCO Systems Inc. USA.

2019 International Conference on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Date:6-7thDecember 2019

Resource Persons:

1. Prof.Zorislav Sojat, Ruder Boskovic Institute, Croatian

2. Dr Andreas W.Kempa-Liehr of The University of Auckland

International Conference on Clinical and Medical Image Analysis

Date: 27-28th July 2018

Resource Persons:

1. Dr. Martin Kampel, Senior Scientist, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

2. Dr. AnantMadabhushi from Ohio, USA,

3. Dr. MaximeDescoteaux from Sherbrooke, Canada and

4. Dr. Carlos E. Thomaz from Sao Paulo, Brazil