MoA with Microsoft Corporation, India

The Division of Computer Science and Engineering has signed MoA with Microsoft Corporation, India on 18-12-2020.


  • supports the Division of Computer Science and Engineering in the following
  • Endorse and support the following UG and PG programmes offered by the University.

  • B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
    B.Tech. Computer Engineering
    B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)
    B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
    M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
    M.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
  • Curriculum integration support

  • Certification training to the students and faculty

  • Tools and software for students and faculty

  • Support in learning paths

  • Train the trainer programs

Internet of Things (IoT) lab provides an excellent infrastructure to the young IT minds to nurture their innovative ideas, problem solving skills focused on the direction of societal needs. It is an ideal place for an active learning through real world environment. The main objective of this lab is to press on the student towards building of smart and intelligent IoT solutions. This lab is equipped with test bench, connectivity devices, industrial sensors, handheld machines, RFID tags, digital controllers etc to gain insight and understanding of the real world experience. The main focus is on data ingestion, data acquisition, machine learning, visualization and mobility.

Facilities available:

  • Raspberry Pi Trainer KIT
  • Arduino
  • All basic Sensors (Heartbeat, Air Quality, Fire etc)
  • LoRa WAN
  • Desktop Computer

Lab sessions handled by industrial trained faculty members. Two faculty development programs conducted for the benefit of staff members towards this cutting edge technology.

  1. "Internet of Things (IoT) and its Applications" on 19/11/2019 and 20/11/2019
  2. "Industrial IoT Training using LoRa WAN Technology" on 6/2/2020 and 7/2/2020

MoA with Emurgo and Certification Course on Blockchain

On November 25, 2019, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences has signed MoA with EMURGO Academy, an education arm of EMURGO.


  • To provide the students of KITS with
  • Training in blockchain technology through certification course
  • Opportunity to do an internship with EMURGO
  • Opportunities to work on live projects
  • Exposure to international forums
  • To assist in Curriculum development on Blockchain related courses

Certification Course on

Title of the courseFoundation of Blockchain
Objective of the courseThis program provides an in-depth, foundational understanding of the pillars of blockchain technology. The learner will learn to critically evaluate the tools, common practices and understand the processes powering this disruptive technology
CertificateEMURGO Digital Badge
Course ContentBlockchain – What/Why/future/Transactions/Types, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Consensus Algorithm, DApp, Smart contracts, assessment
Industry DemandBlockchain is the leading technology of the era, having its demand not only in Banking and Financial services, but also in Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Retail and Customer Goods, Travel and Transportation, Government, etc.
  • In the odd semester of the academic year 2019 – 20, students of II and III year CSE have successfully completed the course.
  • Two of them, Mr. Surapaneni Arun Sai (URK17CS019) and Ms. Lathangi Vemulapalli (URK18CS026) have been offered Internship at Emurgo, which was from 11/09/2020 to 18/10/2020. Both of them completed with Practical knowledge and Proficiency in Ethereum Blockchain protocol and Solidity programming, Truffle framework and Web3 with React front-end development

Software Product Development Lab

The Software Product Development Lab of the division of Computer Sciences and Engineering was established with the clear objective of encouraging the students to develop software as products following the software engineering principles. The interested students have grouped themselves in teams and are actively involved in developing software products.

This lab will provide students with an environment that enables software product development, intensive technology work, self-study work, group work, and a forum to watch demonstrations and lectures. We believe this lab will serve the students of division of Computer Sciences and Engineering well for the years to come.

The computing facilities available in the lab are as follows,

S. No.Name of the EquipmentQuantityMakeModel
1Workstation2AppleApple iMac System
2Desktop Computer6Dell Optiplex 3020
3Desktop Computer4DellUC052-2013 - Dell optiplex 3020 4geni5/ 8gb/ g00gb/ win 1.8S/ 18.53y
4Desktop Computer10DellDell Optiplex 5050 SFF desktop - Intel core i5, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HD
5Desktop Computer14HPHP Compaq Business Desktop DX200 Intel Pentiunm IV @3.0Ghz/256 MB RAM/40GB HDD

The following are some of the Android Applications developed by our students,

The students and the faculty have developed the following software products

S. No.Product NameProduct IDDeveloper Name(s)
1Lang InterpretSP-11CS-001Mr. Vinoth Kumar, Mr. Ashwin Sundaram, Mr. Joshua Nickson, Mr. Randy Praveen, Mr. Vinoth Kumar V Mr. Ashwin Sundaram Mr. Joshua Nickson, Mr. Randy Praveen
2PenTest (Penetration Testing Software)SP-13CS-001Mr. Rakesh Pandey, Lin O Latch, Mr. Prasanna Sudharsan
43D KrafterSP-13CS-003Mr. Abhishek Preman
5Wi-Fi LinVistaSP-13CS-004Mr. Ankit Andrews Watson
6Ucertify (Certificate Automation System)SP-13CS-004Mr. Sheryl Mathre, Mr. Sherry Titus, Mr. Abinayan David, Mr. Jasper
7LibGovern (Library Management System)SP-13CS-005Ms. Jeba Princy
8Friend Track AppSP-13CS-006Mr. Vincent, Mr. Praveen, Mr. Rohit, Mr. Tanuj
9Bio-WebSP-13CS-007Mr. Vincent, Mr. Prav Mr. John Samuel
10JSearchSP-14IT-002Mr. Ananda Raj, Mr. Jefferson Andrew, Mr. John Samuel
11Bio-LSoftSP-14IT-003XMr. Ananda Raj, Mr. Jefferson Andrew, Mr. John Samuel
12CO-PO Assessment System for the Division of Mechanical Engg.SP-15CS-001Mrs. Akila Agnes Mrs. Anitha Angeline
13CO-PO Assessment System for the Division of Civil Engg.SP-15CS-002Mrs. Akila Agnes Mrs. Anitha Angeline
14Coimbatore Bus Route GuideSP-15CS-003Mr. Robin Sam Moses
15CO-PO Assessment System for the Division of Mechanical Engg.(Ver II)SP-16CS-001Mrs. Akila Agnes Mrs. Anitha Angeline
16CO-PO Assessment System for the Division of Civil Engg.(Ver II)SP-16CS-002Mrs. Akila Agnes Mrs. Anitha Angeline
17Sea Border DetectorSP-16CS-003Mr. Gopalakrishnans
18karunya university inventory management systemSP-16CS-004Mrs. J. Anitha, Mr. Gandham, Mr.Suhaas Srinivas, Mr. Daniel Abhishekam
19Stanley on Bible Android AppSP-16CS-005Mr. Immanuel Jebaraj Mr. Joshua J
20Mother Baby Care Android AppSP-16CS-006Ms. Priyanka N H, Ms. Nivethitha S P, Ms. Sandhya D, Ms. Shaba R
21PITSTOP 2016SP-16CS-007Mr. Utkarsh Siddharth, Mr. Akarsh Anurag,Mr. Abhijeet Mishra
22Division of CST WebsiteSP-16CS-008Mr.Junaid Ahmed Fazly
23Karunya University-Android AppSP-16CS-009Mr. V. Vamsi Joseph, Mr. V. Jaya Chandra, Mr. Anuroop Reddy
24Benevolence 2K16SP-16CS-010Mr. Jedidiah Jeyaraj, Mr. Abhijeet Mishra, Mr. Ujjawal Kumar, Mr. Kunal Raj, Mr. Ashish Kumar
25Website for Entrepreneurship cellSP-16CS-011Mrs. Anitha Christy, Ms. Sonal Lakhotia, Mr. Joel Philip
26Digitization of Karunya Land Records for Karunya Trust AffairsSP-16CS-012Dr. R. Venkatesan, Mr. Jedidiah Jeyaraj
27Mobile App for Karunya Land Map with Navigation SystemSP-16CS-013Mrs. T. Jemima Jebaseeli, Ms. Priya Shaji, Ms. Floura Angel
28ProfitnessSP-17CS-001Rohan Choudhary, Harsh Kumar, B.S.S.Sanketh, Samuel Joseph
29Karunya CSE AppSP-17CS-002Alvin John Abraham , Allan Ralph J, Robin Roy John , Onuoha Roosevelt Ikenna
30Smart Driver AssistSP-17CS-003Gladwin Isaac, Joshua Varghese, Victor Sam
31EMS FireSP-17CS-004Gokul M Pillai, Akshay G Pillai, Sreenath S, Atul Thomas
32TrailSP-17CS-005Yadav Nitesh Ramprasad, Abishek Timothy.D, Henry Jackson.K.E, Kelwin Tom Abraham
33YummyAppSP-17CS-006Cecil joseph, Saurav Aanand , Nithin Varghese
34Coimbatore Bus Guide V2.0SP-17CS-007Mervin R Sundaram, Murphy Samuel Timothy, Muthu Rajan C, Samuel Prem Wesley.B
35Advanced Tour GuideSP-18CS-001Rohit Roshan, Davin Saji, Jovin John, Sarath Sankar
36K-shopSP-18CS-002D Paul Win Jeba
37Karunya courses- Android AppSP-18CS-003Pon Rajesh M