Funded Projects

Date of Approval Agency Principal Investigator Title Amount (lakh) Status (Completed) Ref Letter
15.03.2012 ISRO (RESPOND) Dr.Pradeep Kumar Thermal Response of Sandwich Honeycomb Panels under Transient Heating Condition (Theoretical Analysis) 7.16 lakh Yes (Ref. No.B.19012/28/2012-II dt. 15/03/2012)
15.03.2012 ISRO (RESPOND) Dr.Pradeep Kumar Heat Flux Estimation using Transient Temperature Measurements 4.63 lakh Yes (Ref. No.B.19012/30/2012-II dt. 15/03/2012)
22.4.2014 SERB / DST Dr. R K Sharma Re-entry Time Prediction of Space Objects from High Eccentricity Orbits 11.82 lakh On going (Ref.No.SR/S4/Ms:801/12 dated 23.4.2014)
18.3.2015 ISRO Dr. R K Sharma Mars Interplanetary Trajectory Design via LagrangianPoints in the Restricted three-body Problem 5.28 lakhs Yes (Ref.No.ISRO/RES/3/673/2014-15 dated 18.3.2015)
18.3.2015 AR&DB Mr.Aldin Justin Sundararaj Investigation of Ignition delay of Isrosene using shock tune as a tool 9.26 lakhs Yes (Ref.No.ARDB/01/1041784/M/I dated 7.9.2015)