Dr. Sajan Kurien
Dr. Sajan Kurien Professor and Dean School of Agriculture and Biosciences [email protected]
Dr. Jenita Thinakaran
Dr. Jenita Thinakaran Professor & Head Agricultural Entomology - Vector biology, Vector borne plant diseases, Plant-insect interactions, Host plant resistance, physiological responses to biotic and abiotic stresses, Population dynamics and insect ecology [email protected]
K. Rajendran
Dr. K. Rajendran Professor, Agronomy [email protected]
Dr. C. Mayilswami Professor & HoD i/c Water Institute Agricultural Engineering | [email protected]
Dr. R. Vijayan
Dr. R. Vijayan Professor Veterinary & Animal Husbandry | [email protected]
622 - Dr.Philip Sridhar
Dr. Philip Sridhar Professor - Agricultural Entomology
[email protected]
Dr. C. Chinnusamy
Dr. C. Chinnusamy Professor - Agronomy
[email protected]
Dr. P.A. Joseph
Dr. P.A. Joseph Professor - Agronomy
[email protected]
K. Natarajan
Dr. K. Natarajan Associate Professor - Agricultural Extension
[email protected]
Dr. Deepak Das
Dr. Deepak Das Associate Professor - Agricultural Engineering
[email protected]
Dr. Issac Manuel
Dr. Issac Manuel Associate Professor - Agronomy
[email protected]
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. P. Ramesh Kumar Assistant Professor - Plant Biotechnology
[email protected]
Suguna Devakumari
Dr. M. Suguna Devakumari Assistant Professor - Environmental Sciences (Agriculture)
[email protected]
Dr. J. Vimalin Hena
Dr. J. Vimalin Hena Assistant Professor - Microbiology
[email protected]
Mrs.S. Sowmeya Assistant Professor - Floriculture and Landscape Gardening (Horticulture)
[email protected]
Dr. K. Indira Petchiammal
Dr. K. Indira Petchiammal Assistant Professor - Plant Breeding & Genetics
[email protected]
Dr. N. B. John Kingsly
Dr. N. B. John Kingsly Assistant Professor - Plant Breeding and Genetics
[email protected]
Praveena Katharine
Dr. S. Praveena Katharine Assistant Professor, Soil science and Agricultural Chemistry
[email protected]
Dr. Asha Monicka
Dr. Asha Monicka Assistant Professor, Agricultural Process Engineering
[email protected]
Dr. Usha Nandhini
Dr. Usha Nandhini Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics
[email protected]
Dr. R. Vinu Radha
Dr. R. Vinu Radha Assistant Professor, Agricultural Microbiology
[email protected]
Dr. S. Sumaiya Parveen
Dr. S. Sumaiya Parveen Assistant Professor, Agricultural Entomology
[email protected]
Dr.N.Jeyapandiyan Assistant Professor
Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology
[email protected]
Ms. Jayapradha
Ms. Jayapradha Assistant Professor
Plant Pathology
[email protected]
Dr. V Palanichamy Assistant Professor, Fruit Science (Horticulture)
[email protected]
Dr. Rathikannu Assistant Professor, Agricultural Entomology
[email protected]
Dr. R. Susan Poonguzhali Assistant Professor
Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
[email protected]
Dr. R. Samundeshwari Assistant Professor
Plant Physiology
[email protected]
Dr. V. Kavitha
Dr. V. Kavitha Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics
[email protected]
Dr. E. Adlin Pricilla Vasanthi Assistant Professor, Agriculture Entomology
[email protected]
Dr. B. Madhumitha Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology
[email protected]
Dr. K. Udhaya Kumar Assistant Professor
Crop Nutrient and Cropping System Management
[email protected]
Dr. J. Patricia Kalai Arasi
Dr. J. Patricia Kalai Arasi Assistant Professor
Crop Physiology
[email protected]
Dr. monika
Dr. G. Monika Assistant Professor
Fruit Science (Horticulture)
[email protected]
Dr.V.S.Suganthy Assistant Professor
Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
[email protected]
Dr. Kumari Sugitha
Dr. Kumari Sugitha Assistant Professor
Agricultural Microbiology
[email protected]
Dr. Ranchana Assistant Professor
Horticulture (Floriculture & Landscaping)
[email protected]
Dr. K. Theresa Assistant Professor
Soil Science
[email protected]
Dr. C. Mathivathani
Dr. C. Mathivathani Assistant Professor
Plant Nematology
[email protected]
Dr. M. Anitha
Dr. M. Anitha Assistant Professor
Horticulture (Floriculture and Landscaping)
[email protected]
Dr. C.Varaprasad
Dr. C. Varaprasad Assistant Professor
Agricultural Extension
[email protected]
Dr. B. Navaneetham
Dr. B. Navaneetham Assistant Professor
Agribusiness – Operation Management
[email protected]