M.Tech. Communication Systems

A specialized Masters Programme focusing on the latest Mobile Technologies (3G/4G/5G) that caters to the increasing demand for anywhere and anytime connectivity with a high quality broadband experience and seamless mobility across diverse devices. It comprises of courses in RF systems, Smart Antennas, Optical networks, Satellite Communication, GPS, Communication networks, Signal Processing, Embedded sensor networks, Computational intelligence, Software Defined Radio (SDR) etc., that prepares the students to address the various issues in data compression, signal distortion & enhancement, MIMO antennas, Signal Processing, LTE systems, OFDMA, Cognitive radio for wireless networks and Telecommunication systems.

The students undergo hands-on training in the design and simulation of Microwave devices and components using EM simulation software CADFEKO and fabrication using Eleven Lab fabrication unit. Signal processing using MATLAB and DSP processors and Optical Communication using OTDR, Network evaluation using simulation software and advanced communication trainer kits help students get trained and hone their technical skills in line with the industrial requirement.

Lab Facilities

  1. Microwave Lab
  2. Optical Fiber Lab
  3. Antenna Simulator FEKO
  4. Fabrication unit Eleven Lab
  5. Signal Processing Lab using MATLAB and DSP processors
  6. Network Simulator