Sl. No.Name of the Faculty/DesignationDetails of the Patent FiledPatent No/Date
1Dr. R.T. Narendhirakannan,Asst. Professor“Derma Hierbas” an ointment for Skin Rashes.3775/CHE/2014
Dated 01/08/2014
2Dr. S. Kalidass, Associate ProfessorProcess of Removal of Dye from Coloured Effluent using Aneurinibacillus aneurinilyticus5608/CHE/2014
Dated 07/11/2014
3Dr. S. Kalidass, Associate ProfessorA method for Decolorization of dyes using composition comprising of Nanoparticle and Microorganisms5610/CHE/2014
Dated 07/11/2014
4Dr. S. Kavitha, Assistant ProfessorPreparation & Characterization of Carbonized wattle Humus1225/CHE/2015
Dated 12/03/2015
5Dr. C. GuruvayoorappanWound Healing Non Immunogenic Oxazolidinone Nano Scaffolds201641015465/CHE/2016
Dated 04.05.2016
6Dr. Muthukumar NadarLOBICURE- A herbal wound healing ointment.201741004799
Dated 10.02.2017
7Dr. Muthukumar NadarA polyherbal Ointment for Skin ailments201841036973
Dated 01.10.2018
8Dr. S. Kavitha, Assistant ProfessorBiosynthesis of Isopropyel Myristate201841028122
Dated 26.07.2018
9Dr. Jibu Thomas (Associate Professor), Vinolia S and Suresh KumarIndian Patent on Aerobic Pre-fermenter201741006585
Dated 24.02.2017
10Dr.Pinaki Dey (Assistant Professor)Development of improved production process of cellulase from waste pulp and paper sludge material201941018465
Dated 08.05.2019
11Dr. David Paul Raj RS (Assistant Professor), Pratap Kumar, Dhamayanthi MEnhanced production of anti-snake venom compound (Taraxerol) from suspension cultures systems of Euphorbia Hirta L.201941017991
Dated 06.05.2019
12Dr. Levin Anbu Gomez and Dr. C. VaniChicken Antibody Generation against microbial pathogen bacillus cereus from human nail201941048986
Dated 28.11.2019
13Dr. C. VaniProcess of Extraction of Biopesticidal compound against aedes aegypti (Dengue vector) using pseudomo202041008663
Dated 28.02.2020
14Dr. R.S. David Paul Raj, Mr. D. PoomalaiDried Banana Peel Powder as an organic carrier in Bioformulation for Biocontrol of puthium sp202041010982
Dated 13.03.2020
15Dr. Jibu Thomas, Mrs. Reena Josephine (RR10BT001)A Novel Composition for controlling pathogen in maize202041014007
Dated 30.03.2020
16Dr. Jibu Thomas, Mr. Dharshan Balachandran (UR16BT023)An insect repellent composition from micro-algae and the process for the preparation thereof202041014485
Dated 31.03.2020
17Dr. Pinaki Dey, Mr. Steve Branden Wood (UR15BT074)High solid loading saccharification process of waste pulp and paper sludge (PPS) material for production of fermentable simple sugars in concentrated form202041019318
Dated 06.05.2020
18Dr. Jibu Thomas, Dr. S. Jacob K. Annamalai, Dr. Muthukumar Nadar, Dr. T. Jesse Joel, Mr.S. RobertKavid – Karunya Disinfection Chamber20241020677
Dated 15.05.2020
19Dr.R.T. Narendhirakannan,Ishwarya Synthesis of pegylated caffeic acid- A novel anticancer drug201941021400
Dated : 07/06/2019