Research Scholars

Name Of the Ph.D. ScholarName of the guide/sTitle of the thesisYear of award of Ph.d
Ms. BEENA KANIMOZHI RDr. R.S. David Paul RajBiocontrol of Pythium in Forest Nurseries2021
Ms. JISSIN MATHEWDr. C. VaniStudy on antiviral activity of secondary metabolites and its enhancement production from Xenorhabdus species against DENV type 2 infected Aedes aegypti cell line2021
Padmanabhan DDr. S. KavithaMolecular Analysis of arsenic redox bacterium Bacillus sonorensis and characterization of its authochthonous substance for antagonistic effect2020
Kaarthik ANDr. M. D Afros AlamStudy of Microtubule interacting drugs for cancer treatment and their optimization pathways through In-Silico analaysis2020
Chickoo Cherry Abraham CherianDr. J. Jannet VennilaExploring the biosctivity of Marine Bromophenols against the virulent proteins of Porphyromonas gigivalis: and insilico and In vitro approach2020
Gincy GeorgeDr. J. Jannet VennilaIdentification of potential therapeutic targets and investigation of memebrane binding propensity of Alpha- synuclein repeats in parkinson disease2020
Anu JacobDr. Jibu ThomasKinetic studies on the production of secondary metabolites from cell suspension cultures of Camellia sinensis.2020
P.U. MeghaDr. S. MuruganBacteriophage as microbial tracer and bio-control agent in water sources.2019
P.M. NarayananDr. S. MuruganProduction and Characterization of Bacterial Laccase for Decolourization of Synthetic Dyes and Textile Effluents.2019
Levin Anbu GomezDr. C VaniGeneration and Characterization of Chicken egg yolk antibodies against Rabies Viral Antigen.2019
Ishwarya MDr. R.T. Narendra KannanBioefficacy and Anticarcinogenic activity of 3, 4 - dihydroxycinnamic acid in experimental animals.2019
K. Gilbert Ross RexDr. David Paul RajDevelopment of bacterial formulation using Banana peel as carrier and evaluation of its plant growth promotion in Rice2019
Suresh Kumar PDr. Jibu ThomasExploration of Limnic Microalgae for Phycoremediation and Biorefinery Production.2019
Muthusamy PDr. S. MuruganStudies on Adsorption of lead using Cheap Bioadsorbents from synthetic solutions and Industrial Effluents2019
Jagadish Kumar SDr. V. M. Berlin graceInvestigation of therapeutic potential of Averrhoa bilimbi L. Fruit extract on ulcerative colitis and cancer2019
Viswanathan SDr. V. M. Berlin graceTherapeutic efficiency of Lipo-ATRA in benzo (a) Pyrene induced lung cancer mice and its targeted action on RAR-β gene expression.2019
Prathap KumarDr. David Paul RajStrategy for early callus induction, characterization and elicitation of anti-snake venom triterpenoids through suspension cultures of Euphorbia hirta.2019
S. RubilaDr. T.V. RanganathanStudies on quality parameters of spice paste2018
J. Senthil KumarDr. P. Rajasekaran / Dr. David Paul RajEfficacy of antibiotics and selected medicinal plants against Shigella spp isolated from diarrhoea specimens of children in Coimbatore2018
Subha Mary VargheseDr. Jibu ThomasBioprospecting the Morus germplasm for biomolecules and their selective therapeutic properties.2018
Reena JosephineDr. Jibu ThomasMolecular characterization of plant growth promoting bacterial strains and assessing their efficacy for bioformulations in Zea mays L.2018
Lalithambika BDr. C. VaniDevelopment of Bioinsecticidal compounds from Pseudomonas species for the control of Dengue vector Aedes aegypti.2018
T. Helen HencidaDr. S. KavithaStandardization and validation of real-time PCR high resolution melt analysis for the detection of selected pathogens in cerebrospinal fluid2018
Ramesh Kumar PDr. Phelomena GeorgeEffects of Sauropus androgynes(L.) leaf extract on obesity, diabetics, inflammation and immuno modulation in mice2017
Rex Jeyaraj Kumar SDr. M.S. A. Muthukumar nadarIn vitro and In vivo wound healing activity of lobel2017
Saroj KumarDr. A. AnnamalaiStudies on the genetic variation and the distribution of Ensete cuperbum (Roxb.) cheesman (Musaceae) from the western ghats2017
O.S. NimmiDr. Pjilomena GeorgeAntiobesity, Cardioprotective and Antioxidant Effects of a New Poly Herbal Formulation (PHF) in High Fat Diet (HFD) induced wistar Rats2016
Pemila Edith Chitraselvi RDr. S. KalidassEvaluation of plant growth promting and biocontrol traits in rhizosphere microbes from different areas from Tamilnadu India2016
Sakthivel K MDr. C. GuruvayoorappanInvestigation on the immuno modulatory efficacy of Accacia ferruginea extract and its application in inhibiting inflammation, ulcerative colitis and tumor metastatics2016
Neetu John PeedikayilDr. S. MuruganPharmocobic and molecular studies on Biofilm forming Methicilin resisstance Staphalo cocosus aureus.2016
Femina WDr. S. kalidassBio-prospecting of marine actinomycetes and characterization of therapeutic principles for human ailments2016
Joshni T ChackoDr. S. KalidassDecolorization of Textile Dye solution immobilized aneurinibacillus aneurinilyticus and bimetallic nanoparticles- A compatibility study.2016
D. PremnathDr. Jannet VennilaIn Silico design chemical synthesis and characterization of 4 amino antipyrine derivatives as potential anti human papiloma virus agents2016
Christina V. LyzaDr. A. AnnamalaiA DNA barcode approach to identify and validate Ocimum taxa and their commercial products.2015
K. ShathishDr. Guruvayoorappan C.Investigation of Decalepis hamiltonii and Solanum muricatum on tumour development and ulcerative colitis.2015
Denish MikaDr. Guruvayoorappan C.Investigation of the Therapeutic efficacy of Thespesia populnea on tumour development and ulcerative colitis.2015
Mani Vannan ADr.R.T.NarendhirakannanBioethanol production from aquatic weed Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) by yeast fermentation.2015
Angelin ADr. S. KavithaDesigning and fabrication of Household Biofilter for Fluoride contaminated ground water.2015
Subakanmani SDr. S. MuruganEvaluation of Neuropsychopharmacological Effects of Hypericum hookerianum extracts on Swiss Albino mice2015
Grace Nirmala JDr. R.T Narendhira KannanChemopreventive efficacy of Vitis vinifera gold nanoparticles in skin carcinogenesis: an in vitro and in vivo approach2015
Kannan NDr. C. GuruvayoorappanEffect of Bauhinia tomentosa leaf extract on experimental ulcerative colitis and tumor models.2015
Reya Issac IDr. M. Lakshmi PrabhaBiosorption of chromiun (VI) from chrome tannery effluent using dead biomass of indeginous aspergillus species: Isotherm and Kinetic Models2015
Jawahar GDr. Emilin RenittaDevelopment and popularization of value-added products from selected medicinal mushrooms.2015
S. SembianDr. S. KalidassEvaluation of wound healing activites of selected medicinal plants2014
Giftson J. SenapathyDr. P.Umadevi
Dr. S. Murugan
Chemosensitizing Effect of Ferulic acid on Cisplatin in cervical cancer and Dalton's Lymphoma cell lines.2014
A. ManjamalaiDr.V.M. Berlin GraceEvaluation of Bioactive properties of essential oil from selected medicinal plants against Microbes, Inflammation, Oxidative stress and Lung cancer.2014
SiddikuzzamanDr.V.M. Berlin GraceEffect of encapsulated All Trans Retinoic Acid (ATRA) on Experimental Lung cancer.2014
V. Vinod PrabhuDr. Guruvayoorappan C.Investigation on the Immunomodulatory efficacy of Rhizophora apiculata and its application in inhibiting inflammation, tumour and ulcerative colitis.2013