Funded Research Projects

Principal InvestigatorFunding Agency/DurationTitle of the ProjectAmount
Dr. S. Murugan, Associate ProfessorSERB – DST (2018 – 2021)Investigating on Antibacterial Effect of Bismuth Vanadate on Multi-Drug Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Inflection26.31 Lakhs
Dr. V.M. Berlin Grace, ProfessorDBT, Govt. India, New Delhi (2016 – 2018)Bioavailability Enhancement of Retinoid drug by Nano formulation with cationic Liposome for improved therapeutic effect on lung cancer30.86 Lakhs
Dr. Jibu Thomas,ProfessorUGC Research award, New Delhi (2014-2016)Expression profiling of gene transcript by semi quantitative RT PCR and documenting of Camellia sinensis24.95 Lakhs
Dr. Guruvayoorappan, Assistant ProfessorUGC Research award, New Delhi (2012-2014)Investigation of the effect of Cuscuta reflexa, Acacia nilotica and Umbelliferone against Ulcerative colitis20.0 Lakhs
Dr. Jibu Thomas,ProfessorUnited Board of Christian Higher Education, Hong Kong (2015-2016)Documenting the green treasures of the campus towards green accreditationUS $ 5000 (3.35 Lakhs)
Dr.Jibu Thomas,ProfessorNational Tea Research Foundation, Tea Board, Kolkata (2016-2019)DNA barcoding of tea germplasm a novel technique to authenticate, protect property right and to check adulterants and blends14.95 Lakhs
Dr. V.M. Berlin Grace, ProfessorDST – SERB (2014 – 2017)A Molecular study on the effect of targeted drug (All trans retinoic acid) delivery with liposome on the expression level RAR – Beta in benzo (a) pyrene induced experimental lung cancer23.70 Lakhs
Dr. Narendhirakannan R.T, Assistant ProfessorDST – SERB (2014 – 2017)Evaluation of anticancer properties of hydroxyl clinnamic acid from Solanum Iycopersicum on 7,12 - dimethyl–benz (a) anthracene (DMBA) induced buccal pouch carcinogenesis in hamsters25.67 lakhs
Dr. S. Kalidass, Associate ProfessorDBT – RGYI (2014 – 2017)Optimization of membrane immobilized nanoparticles for textile dye colour removal16.45 Lakhs
Dr. Jibu Thomas,ProfessorDST – SERB (2013 – 2016)Phycoremediation a green technology initiative for effluents and there by production of high calorific biomass for bio refinery from microalgae using cost effective medium18.8 Lakhs
Dr. Jibu Thomas,ProfessorBESInc., USA (2012 – 2015)Algae Bio-refinery: Factors Influencing biomass productivity in microalgae22 Lakhs
Dr. S. Kavitha, Associate ProfessorDRDO – DRLT (2011 – 2013)Fabrication of bioreactor using arsenic metabolizing bacteria for water treatment9.07 Lakhs
Dr. C. Guruvayoorappan Assistant ProfessorDST – SERB (2010 – 2013)Investigation of ameliorative effect of Biophytum sensitivum and amentoflavone on Ulcerative Colitis18.93 Lakhs
Dr. S. Murugan, Associate ProfessorICSSR (2010 – 2012)Prevalence and awareness of asthma among brick kiln workers and households of selected areas in South India – An empirical study3.76 Lakhs