An interest in design and construction are important for a career in the popular field of civil engineering

Civil engineers are involved with the design, development and construction of a huge range of projects in the built and natural environment. Their role is central to ensuring the safe, timely and well-resourced completion of projects in many areas.

Liaising with clients, you will plan, manage, design and supervise the construction of projects. You'll work in a number of different settings and, with experience, could run projects as a project manager.

What we do?

  • Analytical studies
  • Third party design and execution of projects
  • Design of systems/ components/ processes
  • Testing of industrial products/ samples
  • Validation of design/ Drawings
  • Solution to industrial problems as product/ process

  • Analysis, Design and detailing of RCC, steel and composite structures
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Structural evaluation using non-destructive testing methods
  • Estimation, coasting and valuation
  • Solution for repair and rehabilitation using rebar locator and corrosion analyser
  • Third party evaluation for private and public sector
  • Concrete mix design
  • Design of water supply/ Sewage system
  • Surface and ground water monitoring using field and laboratory test
  • Third party evaluation of wetland management
  • Land use and land coverage mapping
  • Solid waste management
  • Field test for soil bearing capacity using SPT/ PCPT/ Plate Load Test
  • Strengthening of existing soil conditions
  • Laboratory test to determine the soil properties
  • Design and detailing of foundations
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Soil pollution studies
Transportation and Survey
  • Total station survey
  • Excavation layout marking
  • Design of pavements
  • Bituminous mix design
  • Design of bridges
  • Contour Mapping
  • Cutting and embankment for road formation

Our Experts
Dr. P.D. Arumairaj - Geotechnical Engineering
Dr. D. Tensing - Structural Engineering
Dr.G.Hemalatha - Structural Engineering
Dr.C.Gajendran - Environmental Engineering
Dr.G.Prince Arulraj - Hydraulics and Water Resource Engineering
Dr.J.Brema - Hydraulics and Water Resource Engineering
Dr. C.Freeda Christy - Structural Engineering
Dr.Mercy Shanthi - Structural Engineering
Dr.N.Anand - Structural Engineering
Dr.M.G.Rajendran - Structural Engineering