Alumini Testimonies

I thank the Department of Civil Engineering faculty members for putting in all the efforts to groom us and make us corporate professionals. They always provided me with the required inputs for my overall development and to improve my technical knowledge. The knowledge gained during my studies helped me a lot to be part of the design and execution of major construction projects.

John Sandeep

- John Sandeep

(1999-2003)Chief Engineering Manager, Larsen & Toubro, Chennai.

I can confidently say that I am blessed that I got a chance to study in the Department of Civil Engineering at Karunya University. The Professors are highly skilled and friendly. The curriculum is set in par with International standards and has a good mixture of technology/practical aspects. I have acquired my technical and soft skills, boosting my confidence to present myself. I love the diversity of students that helps us understand various culture which we encounter when working in multinational companies. I wish all the success to the budding Engineers.

Dora N Alagala

- Dora N Alagala

(1999-2003)Senior Engineer (Land Development Engineering), Rodgers Consulting, Inc., USA

When I first started studying at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, I was unsure about my future and was anxious about my different challenges. But the Department of Civil Engineering gave me the support and confidence to grow personally and professionally. It has given me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to learn and to grow gradually. The faculty members are helpful, open and supportive. The campus is beautiful and full of limitless opportunities.

Christopher Joel

- Christopher Joel

(2002-2006)Transport Planner, ARUP, UAE.

It was a great learning experience during the course of study in the Department of Civil Engineering at Karunya University. Indeed, I have learnt a lot of skills related to Civil Engineering and have gained confidence. The quality of Education is excellent with professional guidance and care. I wish all the success to budding engineers.

Abhay Kaladharan

- Abhay Kaladharan

(2006 – 2010)Coordinator Construction services,Defence Construction, Canada

I am so grateful for being the pioneer batch of Civil Engineering students at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. It has taught me life lessons such as the importance of Education to face the real world and never giving up on my goals. The quality of Education I received was top-notch. I also feel that Karunya provides congenial atmosphere to study.

George Moses

- George Moses

(2007 – 2011)Assistant Manager,Design at L & T Construction.

It was a learning and mind-blogging experience for me to study Civil Engineering at Karunya University. It opened a world of new opportunities where engineers can aspire to bring a change of their own in this world. The amazing guidance provided by the professional faculty members upgraded my skills in all aspects during my study there. I sincerely wish a bright future to all the budding engineers who are studying in Karunya.

Jayasurya Kannankattil

- Jayasurya Kannankattil

(2007 – 2011)BIM Consultant ZECH ROH und SF Bau GmbH, Munich, Germany

My bachelor's degree program in Civil engineering at Karunya University enabled me to learn and pursue a career in the Construction Industry. The guidance of teachers and the quality of Education have helped in my career. I fondly remember the time spent on campus and wish all the budding engineers’ a great success.

Dr. Eldho Choorackal

- Dr. Eldho Choorackal

(2007 – 2011)Technical Program Manager CRH, Nederland

I had an amazing learning experience during my Bachelor's degree at the Department of Civil Engineering, Karunya University. The program is well structured to include a broad spectrum of topics, gelled with practical lab sessions, research avenues, in-plant training opportunities, and a whole array of industry collaborations. The highly qualified faculty is up-to-date with the latest industry innovations and is dedicated to mentor budding engineers to become top-class professionals with world-class standards. I wish all the current and future students a memorable, successful, and life-changing study experience at Karunya.

Sam Philip

- Sam Philip

(2010 – 2014)Rivers Projects Engineer at Marlborough District CouncilBrisbane, Australia

The best thing I liked about my stay at Karunya University was being guided by some of the most passionate teaching professionals. I currently work in the Environment Engineering domain, and my interest in this was definitely cultivated during my Civil Engineering education. The staff mentored me to take up challenging projects and provided me with their unconditional support. Ever grateful for the resources and guidance they provided me. As a civil engineer in today's day and age, there are many opportunities out there. All the best to the future engineers.

Anju Mary

- Anju Mary

(2009-2013)Environmental Risk Advisor EHS Climate Resilience & ESG.