Programmes Offered

  1. B.Tech. Civil Engineering - Full Time 4 years
  2. B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Specialization in Smart Cities) - Full Time 4 years
  3. M.Tech - Structural Engineering - Full Time 2 years
  4. M.Tech - Environmental and Water Resources Engineering - Full Time 2 years
  5. Ph.D. in Civil Engineering - Full Time/Part Time
  6. B.Sc. Fire Safety and Hazard Management - Full Time 3 years

Program objectives

  1. Graduates will be prepared with a solid foundation in mathematics, sciences, and technical skills needed to analyze and design global infrastructure systems.
  2. Graduates will possess strong communication and management skills.
  3. Graduates will have the ability to identify, formulate to solve engineering problems involving multi-displinary themes
  4. Graduates will have the ability to acquire state of the art in technological developments, and have an understanding of ethical and societal responsibilities.
  5. Graduates will be delivered as engineers for employment, higher studies, entrepreneurship, researchers and eventual leadership roles in their profession.

Scope of Employability

  • A career as a civil engineer offers several lucrative job avenues in government, public & private sectors.
  • Civil Engineer in construction industries, infrastructure projects, underground utilities water and environmental solutions, geotechnical, calamities and mitigations.
  • Design engineer in planning, analysing, designing and supervising projects like buildings, roads, bridges, embankments, tunnelling, slope protection, water and sewage treatment plants.
  • Project manager in multi-disciplinary projects like power plants, airports, harbour and ports, metro projects.
  • Consulting engineer/ Contractor/ Promoter/ Retailor in construction related activities.