Funded Projects

Name of the Faculty InvestigatorsTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyDate of Sanctioning of the Project with Letter No.Duration of the ProjectOngoing/CompletedDate of Completion of the Project
Dr. G. Hemalatha, Dr. D. Tensing, Dr. S. Sundar Manoharan, Dr. P. Sam PaulSmart Magnetorheological (MR) Damper for Enhancement of Seismic Resistance of StructuresDepartment of Science and Technology31. 03. 2016 DST/TSG/STS/2015/30-G 3 YearsOngoing-
Dr. N AnandDevelopment of Capacity based standards on Concrete materials under Elevated temperatureDST SERBYss/2015/001196 3Ongoing2019
Dr. C. GajendranGIS Integrated subsurface mapping and creating a decision support systemDST-SERBSB/EMEQ-355/2014 3completed2017
Dr. Prawin Angel, Dr. C P Jawahar, Dr. D. TensingElectrification of remote hilly Area (Valara mhp15kw project)MNRE10/16/2015-MHP EMC/SHP/MNRE/CFA/15kW valara MIIP/Kerala/17/1 3
Dr. P. JegathambalNano-Bio Remediation of dye contaminated waste waterMoEFF No 19-183/2013-RE 3Ongoing
Dr. P. Jegathambal Dr.K. ParameswariA Novel TiO2 Coated Aluminium Electrode (TiO/AL) for Textile dyeing waste water using real time controlled Multichannel electrocoagulation ProcessDSTDST/TM/WTI/2K16/237C 3Ongoing
Dr. G. HemalathaCost Effective Linked Column System for Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete StructuresMoESMoES/P.O(Seismo)/1(218)/2014 2completed2016
Mrs. Priya K L,Studies on the seasonal variation of heavy metal distribution in a shallow estuary, Muthupet, TamilNaduKSCSTE748/2013/KSCSTE dated 31.07.2013 1completed2015
Mr. N. Anand, Mr.C.AravindhanStudies on behaviour of normal and self compacting concrete under elevated temperature,Tamil Nadu State Council Science and Technology2012- 13 1completed2013
Dr. C. Freeda Christy, ,Aleena Peter G.Betsy Christina M.KarthigaUtilization of Man-made waste in man-made construction,Tamil Nadu State Council Science and Technology2012- 13 1completed2013
Dr. M. NoelImplementation related issues of capacitive deionization process for decontamination of ground waterDSTDST/TM/WTI/Dk11/213(C) dt.19/03/2012 2completed2014
Dr. P. JegathambalExpermental investigations and modeling studies of nanoparticles transport and interactions in aquatic environmentsDST (SERB)SR/FTP/ETA-60/2010 dt. 22/02/2012 3completed2015
Mr. C. Gajendran, A.P. and Dr. Esther Jegathambal,Study on recharge characteristics of tanks in semiarid zone using isotope techniques and conventional hydrologic modelsDST/CWRDMR/S3/ENGF-01/2002 dt. 16.11.10 3completed2013
Dr. E.J. James, Dr. G. Prince Arulraj, Dr. Esther Jegathambal, Dr. J. Brema, Mrs. K.L. Priya and Mrs. Nalini JebastinaDevelopment of a Decision Support System (DSS) for management of wetland A case Study of Point Calimere of Cauvery Basin in TamilNaduMoEFF.No 13 16/2008-RE dt.27/07/2010,27.07.10 3completed2014
Dr. Mercy Shanthi,A software exam timetabling & scheduling using hybrid genetic algorithms,DSTSR/S4/MS: 525/08 2completed2011
Dr. A. Thomas, Mr. D. TensingFibre Reinforced Deep Beams with OpeningsAICTE,MODROBS 2completed1997
M G Rajendran, Mr. S JustinComputer Aided Dynamic Bucking Mode SimulationAICTE 3completed2003