Division of Physics regularly organizes conferences, seminars and workshops at regular intervals.


This is the student association of the division of physics. It regularly organizes weekly seminars given by M.Sc students, Research scholars (M.Phil and Ph.D). Faculty of physics also actively involve in these activities.

Astronomy club

The astronomy club of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences is functioning under the aegis of division of physics. This club regulary organizes popular science lectures, star watching sessions and special star watching sessions during some important astronomical events.

Industrial Visit

As a part to motivate the students to get placed in industries and in academic research organizations under the Government of India, division of physics organizes industrial visit programmes to M.Sc and research students once in a semester. Students are given opportunity to visit national labs, industries in relation with physics and are given wide exposure beyond the classroom teaching.

Physics Alumni Meet

The physics alumnus meet is held at regular intervals.