Funded Projects

Completed Projects

Sl. No.Faculty NameProject TitleFunding AgencySanctioned AmountYear
1Dr. S. Vasanth KumarStudy of Factors affecting the Long Term Oxidation Stability of Jatropha and Pongamia BiodieselDSTRs. 27.28 L2008-2012
2Dr. S. Vasanth KumarDevelopment of matrices using sol-mel PHA produced of indigenous Pseudomonas sp. LDC-5DBT50.50 L2011-2014
KU.Rs.3.4 L
3Dr. I.M.V. EnochHost-guest association of coumarins and flavones with the self assembled nanocapsule of C- pyrogallol[4]-areneDSTRs. 18.91 L2010-2014
4Dr. R. NandhakumarBinol Based Metal Complexes for Deracemization / Resolution of Chiral Amino Acids and Amino Alcohols: A Novel Approach for Chiral SynthesisDSTRs. 20.30 L2011-2014
5Dr. T. SelvarajuSynthesizing functionalized biocompatible core-shell nanoparticles for Potential applicationDSTRs. 25.30 L2012-2015
6Dr. N. AnanthiSynthesis of Novel chiral metallo porphyrins and their application in catalytic asymmetric epoxidation reactionsDSTRs. 22.38 L2013-2016
7Dr. P. Mosae SelvakumarDesign, Synthesis and Characterization of novel metallo-supramolecular helicates and their application in molecular recognitionDSTRs. 24.56 L2013-2016
8Dr. V. MadhuInvestigation of new bimetallic catalysts for O2 and CO2 activation with enchanting catalytic properties: Green Chemistry Approach.DSTRs. 25.30 L2013-2016
9Dr. L. EmmanuelSynthesis of highly substituted heterocycles via cyclization of novel metal carbenoids and investigation of their biological importanceDSTRs. 26.00 L2014-2017
10Dr. B. JebasinghSynthesis, Characterization and Fluorescence Studies of High Stable complexes for Molecular Imaging (PET) ApplicationsUGC Research Award for TeachersRs. 22.38 L2013-2015
11Dr. V. MadhuDesign of Binuclear heme and Non-heme Based Transition metal catalysts : Synthesis, Characterization and Oxidation catalysis through Dioxygen ActivationUGCRs. 18.17 L2014-2016
(UGC research Award)
12Dr. B. JebasinghSynthesis, Characterization and Relaxivity Validations of Enzyme Mediated, Self-assembly, Smart MRI Probes for molecular Imaging applicationsDSTRs. 25.05 L2013-2016

Ongoing Projects

Sl. No.Faculty NameProject TitleFunded AgencySanctioned AmountYear
1Dr. K. ParameswariNovel TiO2 coated Aluminium Electrode(TiO2/Al) for treatment of textile dyeing wastewater using real time controlled multichannel electrocoagulation process(DST- WRI)Rs. 37.09 L2017-2020
2Dr. S. Vasanth KumarWaste to Wealth – Alternate livelihood for the potter from waste pulp and polystyreneDST-TSGRs. 36.89 L2015-2019
3Dr. R. NandhakumarRational Design and Synthesis of Heterocycles Based Modular Fluorescent Chemosensors for Cations/AnionsDST - EMRRs. 34.20 L2017-2020
4Dr. V. MadhuExtending Conjugation of Metal Bis – Dithiolene with Organic Backbones: NIR Absorbing Hybrid Materials for Optoelectronic ApplicationDST - EMRRs. 38.20 L2017-2020
5Dr. VijaikanthVitamin B12 Model Complexes: Cobaloximes with Substituted Aromatic Dioximes: Synthesis-Structure- Property Relationship Studies and Their Application in Electrocatalytic Hydrogen GenerationDST - EMRRs.64.63 L2017-2020
6Dr. B. JebasinghDevelopment of Smart probes for Theranostic ApplicationDST - DPRPRs. 98.95 L2017-2020
(Collaboration with M/s. Microbiological Laboratory Research and Service (P) Ltd., Coimbatore)
7Dr. B. JebasinghDevelopment of Light Harvesting AntennaeUGC – DAE-CSRRs. 7.3 L2017-2020
8Dr. N. AnanthiDual site binding of guest molecule-loaded β-cyclodextrin-porphyrin conjugates to G-Quadruplex DNA: Targeting G-Rich sequencesBRNS-DAERs. 21.69 L2018-2021
9Dr. A. Samson NesarajDevelopment of Naanocrystalline materials fr solid oxide fuel cells working at 600 oCCPRIRs. 27.46 lakhs2018-2020