Research Scholars

Sl. NoName of the Research ScholarResearch SupervisorTitle of the research workFT/PTStatus
1Pramod Kumar UDr.C.Joseph KennadyEffect of Aldehydes on the Electrodeposition of Ni-W alloy and its corrosion resistanceFTCompleted
2Dinesh MDr.C.Joseph KennadyElectrochemical Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks and their applicationsFTOngoing
3Tamilarasi JDr.C.Joseph KennadyCorrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Acidic Medium Using Heterocyclic Comounds as InhibitorsPTCompleted
4Arun Parameswari KDr.C.Joseph KennadyPreparation, Characterization and Application of Ti/TiO2 in Electroorganic Synthesis'PTCompleted
5Esther PDr.C.Joseph KennadyEffect of Tungsten and Additives on the Structural and Magnetic properties of Electrodeposited Soft Magnetic Ni-Fe-W FilmsPTCompleted
6K. VelmuruganDr. R. NandhakumarDevelopement of Fluorescence materials for Chemical SensingFTCompleted
7J. PrabhuDr. R. NandhakumarDesign and synthesis of Fluorescent Chemosensors for metal ionsFTCompleted
8S. SureshDr. R. NandhakumarFluorescent Chemosensors for detection of aluminium, lead, copper and Palladium ionsFTCompleted
9N. BhuvaneshDr. R. NandhakumarFluorescent Chemosensors for detection of aluminium, Cerium, Iron and Silver ionsFTCompleted
10C. Immanuvel DavidDr. R. NandhakumarNaphthalene based Chemosensors for varied applicationsFTOngoing
11G. PrabakaranDr. R. NandhakumarImidazole based fluorescent Chemosensors for molecular recognitionFTOngoing
12Johny DatheesDr. R. NandhakumarExperimental and Theoretical studies on Quinoline based ChemosensorsPTOngoing
13Narmatha GDr. R. NandhakumarCarbon based materials for Flourescent chemosensing applicationsFTOngoing
14Asath MurphyDr. K.ParameswariRemoval of anthraquinoe dyes using Mg in ElectrocoagulationFTOngoing
15Sr.LeenusDr. K.ParameswariRemoval of anthraquinoe dyes using Titanium in ElectrocoagulationPTOngoing
16Jovitha JaneDr. K.ParameswariEfficacy of Cu, Mg in the removal of dyes in ElectrocoagulationFTOngoing
17S. SugunaDr. J. PrabhuChemosensors for diverse applicationsFTOngoing
18S. BoopalanDr. V. VijaikanthElectrochemistry and Structure-activity relationship studies of cobaloximes with various dioximesFTOngoing
19S. SowmyaDr. V.VijaikanthSynthesis, characterization and electrochemical applications of modified cobaloximesFTOngoing
20A.PrabakaranDr. V. VijaikanthApplications of Cobalt Complexes in CatalysisPTOngoing
21Devi RadhikaDr. A. Samson NesarajDevelopment of novel Nanocrystalline materials for solid oxide fuel cellFTCompleted
22M.L. ReniDr. A. Samson NesarajPhysico-chemical and electrical characteristics of novel materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)PTCompleted
23A. ThamilselvanDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on activated carbon cloth electrodes for capacitive deionization of pure and contaminated salt solutionsFTCompleted
24G. SrikeshDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on nickel oxide based nanocrystalline materials for electrochemical capacitorsFTCompleted
25P. Suresh KumarDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on antimicrobial activity and in vivo toxicological impact of silver and selenium doped zinc oxide nanoparticlesPTCompleted
26M.ArunkumarDr. A. Samson NesarajDevelopment of nano-aluminate based materials for application in photocatalysisPTCompleted
27A. DeepiDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on carbon based materials as electrodes for electrochemical capacitorsFTOngoing
28S. Dharani PriyaDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on functional characteristics of nanocrystalline electrode / electrolyte materials for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells (LTSOFCs)FTOngoing
29Thaninki Leena VinoliaDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on metal oxide based nanomaterials for photocatalytic applicationsPTOngoing
30Dr NagarajanDr. L.EmmanuvelSynthesis of Novel Heterocycles through cyclization of α-diazo imines, Biginelli reaction and their anti-bacterial studiesFTCompleted
31Dr. Nusrathulla ShariffDr. L.EmmanuvelSynthesis of geminal hetero dihalides and heterocycles via α- diazooxime ethers derived metal carbenoidsFTCompleted
32Ms. RajeswariDr. L.EmmanuvelSynthesis of novel transition metal catalysts for Suzuki, sonogashira coupling azide-alkyne Cycloaddition and epoxide openingFTOngoing
33Elizabeth KuruvillaDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on nanocrystalline materials for applications in water treatment technologyFTOngoing
34P. John KingslyDr. A. Samson NesarajStudies on nanocrystalline materials for perovskite solar cellsPTOngoing
35Vinaya JoseDr. A. Samson NesarajNano-structured perovskite based electrode materials for supercapacitor applicationsFTOngoing
36Vismaya JoseDr. A. Samson NesarajNano-structured spinel oxide based electrode materials for supercapacitor applicationsFTOngoing
37Swathi ChidaraboyinaDr. A. Samson NesarajDevelopment of oxide nanoparticles for environmental applicationsPTOngoing
38Merlin KDr. A. Samson NesarajForensic evaluation on the toxic and medicinal effects of selected alkaloids from mushroomsFTOngoing
39Dr. J. PitchaimaniDr. V. MadhuArene Ruthenium(II) and Transition Metal-NNN Pincer Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and Their Versatile ApplicationPTCompleted
40Mr. P. NagarasuDr. V. MadhuDesign of Organic and Inorganic Materials for Optoelectronic and Catalytic ApplicationPTOngoing
41Ms V. J. TamilpriyaiDr. V. MadhuAmine Tethered Arene and 1,2-dithione Based Transition Metal Complexes for Biology, Catalysis and Optoelectronic ApplicationPTOngoing
42Ms. DEEPANJALY K.SDr. V. Madhu"Development of Transition Metal based Complexes for Catalysis and Optoelectronic Application"PTOngoing
43Mr. JEROME ISSACDr. V. MadhuTransition Metal based Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Complexes for Catalysis and Optoelectronic ApplicationPTOngoing
44Ms. Angel GreenDr. B. JebasinghSynthesis and characterization of novel heterocycles and n4[12]ane macrocycle appended triazolesFTOngoing
45Ms. Divya RajendranDr. B. JebasinghSynthesis and Characterization of Hydrazine derivatives for MRI applicationsFTOngoing
46Mr. ZavierDr. B. JebasinghVaildation of Curcumin Conjugates as Responsive Probes for Molecular ImagingPTOngoing
47Mr. DineshDr. B. JebasinghExtraction and Isolation of Natural Volatiles for Their Potential ApplicationsPTOngoing
48S ArunkumarDr G Rajendra KumarOrganoantimiony based Luminescent MaterialsFTOngoing