The innovative research findings in the diversified research areas such as decolouration of dye in waste water, preparation of antimicrobial fabric, a quick synthesis of carbon nanoflakes, a portable water filter, ampoule bottle penetrator, a device for determining the quality of milk etc., achieved by our faculty members have been patented. Several patents have been published and very recently two of the patents has been granted.

EntryInventor(s)Numbe and DateTitleStatus
1Dr. K. Parameswari343201 dt 16.05.2015A Method for Decoloration of Dyeing waste water by Electrocoagulation using Titranium Oxide Coated Aluminium ElectrodeGranted
2Dr. P. Mosae Selvakumar2560/CHE/2014Ecofriendly golden yellow dye from syzygium cumini (L. Jambolan) fruit seed endosperm extract and its application in the preparation of antimicrobial fabric.Published
3Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, S. Dharani Priya and A. Deepi,202041031162, Dt. 21-07-2020Instant one pot chemical synthesis of carbon nano flake (CNF) particlesPublished
4Dr. Obadiah202041035102 dt 04/09/2020A Portable Water FilterPublished
5Dr. J. Prabhu and Dr. R. Nandhakuamar202041021145 A dt 19/05/2020Ampoule Bottle PenetratorPublished
6Dr. R. Nandhakuamar202041031484 dt 23/07/2020A Polymeric Nanofabric Material to Prevent Microbial PathogensPublished
7Dr. J. Prabhu, Dr. R. Nandhakumar and Mr. Joseph Chinnadurai202041021189 A dt 05/06/2020A device for Determining the Quality of MilkPublished
8Dr. Nandhakumar202041024467 dt 11/06/2020Lithium Trivandadate Thin Film Nanorods by Pulse Lasar Deposition TechniquesPublished
9Dr. Nandhakumar202041052409 dt 11/12/2020Novel Material For Electro-Adhesive Materials, Products Thereof And Method Of ManufactureGranted
10Dr. Nandhakumar202041024472 dt 05/03/2021Decolouring And Dye Removal AgentUnder examination