Student Projects

Sl. NoName of the studentProgramTitle of the PG projectYear of completionResearch Supervisor
1LakshmipriyaM.ScUV Spectroscopic Studies of the drug Vildagliptin and short review on catalytic activity of cobalt complexes2021Dr. V. Vijaikanth
2DhanapalM.ScReview on Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Cobaloxime Catalyst2021Dr. V. Vijaikanth
3Ms. GEETHA PM.Sc.,A Review OnPreparation, Characterization, Properties of Atorvastin and Its Biological Applications2021Dr. Vinu M
4Mr. KAVIYARASU.MM.Sc.,A one-step method to produce magnetic ferrite nanocomposite and their catalytic activities for Three component coupling of aldehyde, alkyne and amine2021Dr. Vinu M
5Jilsha GeorgeM.Sc.,Synthesis and characterisation of Chitosan Based Functional Nanocomposites for Nitrate Removal from Ground Water2021Dr.C.Joseph Kennady
6Alakananda B.SM.Sc.,A case study of Saline Water Intrusion on Drinking Water Quality of Wells of Urban Region, Kozhikode Coast, Kerala2021Dr.C.Joseph Kennady
7AMALENDU.RM.Sc.,Investigation on chemical status of surface water and ground water in a fresh water lake2021Dr. A. Obadiah
8G. KUMARM.Sc.,Bio - ethanol production by using potato and corn peel waste2021Dr. A. Obadiah
9AKHILA.CM.Sc Chemistryproduction and quality analysis of Antihistamine drug Affine2021Dr. R. Nandhakumar
10JEENA JOICEM.Sc ChemistryComparative study of characteristics of imported and captive phosphoric acid2021Dr. R. Nandhakumar
11JINI PAULM.Sc ChemistryComparative study of NP complex fertilizer from different origin of raw materials and examine effect of various elemental composition in its physio-chemical characteristics2021Dr. R. Nandhakumar
12Neha RayM.Sc NanoAnalysis of chemosensors based on GO and rGO for the detection of toxic metal ions2021Dr. R. Nandhakumar
13Ms. Aswathi, C.S.M.Sc. ChemistryWater and sediment quality assessment of downstream stations of bharathapuzha river basin, kerala2021Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj (Internal Supervisor)
14Ms. Alana M.M.Sc. ChemistryStudy of distribution of radon along the coastal groundwater of kozhikode district2021Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj (Internal Supervisor)
15Ms. Balakrishnan KM.Sc. ChemistryChemical precipitation and characterisation of cobalt doped zinc sulphide quantum dots2021Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj (Internal Supervisor)
16Sabik N VMSc ChemistryA study on complete quality analysis of rock phosphate.2021Dr G Rajendra Kumar
17Gokul VMSc ChemistryPreparation of Lemon Grass hand sanitiser and its antibacterial activity2021Dr G Rajendra Kumar
18Parvathy RMSc ChemistryA study on quality analysis of gypsumand Time dependant water solubility2021Dr. L.Emmanuvel
19Jomol JoshyMSc ChemistryImpact assessment of liquid effluents from fertilizers and chemical travancore limited on near by river waters.2021Dr. L.Emmanuvel
20E. DharaneendiranM.ScSynthesis, Characterization and Cyclic Voltammetric Studies of Halocobaloximes Containing Functionalized Pyridine Based Ligand2020Dr. V. Vijaikanth
21Korivi Narayana ReddyM.ScHalocobaloximes Containing Acid Functionalized Bases with Two Different Dioximes: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, Electrochemistry and Comparative Studies2020Dr. V. Vijaikanth
22Arya BabyM.Sc.,Electrodeposition of Cobalt-Nickel Oxides for Supercapacitor Applications2020Dr.C.Joseph Kennady
23D Jovitha JaneM.Sc.,Electrodeposition of Cobalt-Manganese Mixed Oxide for Supercapacitor Applications2020Dr.C.Joseph Kennady
24K. DHARMARAJM.Sc.,Synthesis of sandwich model Amine functionalized graphene oxide for supercapacitor application2020Dr. A. Obadiah
25PRAVEENA M GM.Sc.,Synthesis and characterisation of L-Glutamic acid funtionalised Go and r-Go and it's Supercapacitor applications2020Dr. A. Obadiah
26GokulM.ScA Review on effluent teatment of wastewater from milk industry2020Dr.K.Paramesawri
27PraveenM.ScA Review on effluent teatment of wastewater from milk industry2020Dr.K.Paramesawri
28P JEYAKIRUBAM.Sc ChemistryA pet-based schiff base fluorescent chemosensor for effiecient detection of pb2+ ions2020Dr. R. Nandhakumar
29M LINGESHWARANM.Sc ChemistryTri-phenyl conjugated fluorescent probe for "turn-on" recognition of strontium ions2020Dr. R. Nandhakumar
30DEEPANJALY.K.SM.Sc ChemistrySynthesis Of Terpyridine Based Donor-Acceptor Materials For Optoelectronic Applications2020Dr. V. Madhu
31JEROME ISSACM.Sc ChemistrySynthesis And Characterization Of 2,2'-Bipyridine Based Cobalt(Ii) Complexes For Catalysis Applications2020Dr. V. Madhu
32S. Ganesh PRK19CH1021M.Sc ChemistryA Review on Production of Anti-hypertensive Drug2020Dr. B. Jebasingh
33Mr. Joshua PRK19CH1020M.Sc ChemistryProduction and Analysis of Antacid Drugs2020Dr. B. Jebasingh
34Ms. R. Kaviya PRK19CH1024M.Sc ChemistryProduction and Analysis of Anti Malarial Drugs2020Dr. B. Jebasingh
35Niviya RajanM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis and characterization of manganese doped tin oxide nanoparticles for application in photocatalysis2020Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
36Harikrishnan K PM.Sc. ChemistryChemical precipitation and characterization of magnesium doped ceria based electrolyte materials for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells2020Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
37Ponkumar RM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis of nanostructured bismuth oxide doped calcium oxide based materials for application in supercapacitors2020Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
38SowmyaMSc ChemistrySynthesis and Characterisation of Anthracene conjugated Carboxylic acids2020Dr. G Rajendra Kumar
39Vismaya JoseMSc ChemistryPhotophysical Characterisation of Anthracene conjugated carboxylic acids2020Dr G Rajendra Kumar
40Sujith K PMSc Chemistry"Synthesis of Novel Copper Catalyst with Pyrazole Based Tridentate ligand: Study of its activity for azide reduction2020Dr. L.Emmanuvel
41L. SridharM.ScSynthesis and Characterization of Cobaloximes with Different Dioximes2019Dr. V. Vijaikanth
42Daniel Nixon PM.Sc.(Nano)Electrodeposition of Manganese-Nickel Oxide Using Surfactant on Stainless Steel for Supercapacitor Applications2019Dr.C.Joseph Kennady
43S Minu Xavier SebastiniM.Sc. (Nano)Electrodeposition of Nickel Hydroxide Using Neutral Surfactant for Supercapacitor Application2019Dr.C.Joseph Kennady
44B ALLBEN AKASHM.Sc.,Transesterification of Argemone Mexicana oil to Biodiesel using Carbon based heterogeneous catalyst2019Dr. A. Obadiah
45HELAN SWETHA GM.Sc.,Musa paradisiaca reduced graphene oxide (brgo) /mwcnt-fe3o4 nanocomposite for supercapacitor and photocatalytic applications.2019Dr. A. Obadiah
46Rajkumar PlutoSinghM.ScTreatment of Blue 3I dye solution using Cu, Al in Electrocoagulation Process2019Dr.K.Paramesawri
47Jithin CJM.scRemoval of Red BFI dye solution using Cu, Al in Electrocoagulation Process2019Dr.K.Paramesawri
48JegadeeshM.ScRemoval of Yellow dye solution using Cu, Al in Electrocoagulation Process2019Dr.K.Paramesawri
49Asath MurphyM.ScRemovel of dye from textile dyeing effluent using cu-cu electrode in electrocoagulation process2019Dr.K.Paramesawri
50Jeby SherinM.ScTreatment of the textile dyeing effluent using aluminium electrode in electrocoagulation process2019Dr.K.Paramesawri
51Silvy JacobM.ScTreatment of textile dyeing waste water using stainless steel electrode in electrocoagulation process"2019Dr.K.Paramesawri
52J MARTIN LUTHERM.Sc ChemistryHighly discriminative fluorescent chemosensor for the detection of Pb(II) using Naphthalene-based Schiff base2019Dr. R. Nandhakumar
53MYTHILI RM.Sc ChemistryA Naphthalene Derived Schiff Base as a Selective Fluorescent Probe For Al3+ ions2019Dr. R. Nandhakumar
54MOVULEESHWARAN P TM.Sc ChemistryNaphthalene based fluorescent chemosensor for bi3+ ion2019Dr. J. Prabhu
55PRIYANKA. SM.Sc ChemistryA nitrobenzene derivative based chemosensor for detection of fe3+ ion2019Dr. J. Prabhu
56BHAVYA. KM.Sc NanoEstablishing surface modified orange emissive carbon dot as a drug delivery carrier based on protein corona and go-ppd nanocomposites as fluorescent chemosensors for metal ions2019Dr. R. Nandhakumar
57ANILA PUTHOORM.Sc ChemistryNaphthalene fluorophore for the specific recognition of al3+ ions2019Dr. J. Prabhu
58ABDUL BASITH M MANSOORM.Sc ChemistryImidazo-napthaldehyde based fluorescent chemosensor for cu2+2019Dr. J. Prabhu
59Divya SM.Sc ChemistryPreparation process and fabrication of innovative solid-liquid candles2019Dr. J. Prabhu
60Boobaplan SM.Sc ChemistryEffective Synthesis of 1-amidoalkyl naphthol Derivatives using 2-amino-2'-hydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyl as an efficient and mild Asymmetric organocatalyst2019Dr. J. Prabhu
61Mrs. Hena SamM.Sc ChemistrySynthesis And Application Methylviologen Functionalized Triphenylamine Derivatives2019Dr. V. Madhu
62Ms. Sona FrancisM.Sc ChemistrySynthesis and characterisation of thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole derivatives: role of hydrogen bonding in fluorescence enhancement2019Dr. V. Madhu
63Ms. Swetha PRK18CH1015M.Sc ChemistrySynthesis and Characterization of Mono-followed by Di-substituted Triazine Systems for the Biological Applications2019Dr. B. Jebasingh
64Ms. Judith Elizabeth PRK18CH1014M.Sc ChemistrySynthesis and Characterization of Amine Functionalized Triazine Systems for their Potential Biological Applications2019Dr. B. Jebasingh
65K. ArjunM.Sc. ChemistryDevelopment of zinc doped Co3O4 nano crystalline electrode materials for Electrochemical supercapacitor applications2019Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
66Elizabeth KuruvillaM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis of chromium doped vanadium pentoxide based nanostructured materials for enhanced electrochemical properties by sol gel technique for supercapacitor applications2019Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
67Jeevanantham AM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis of nanostructured iron doped manganese oxide based materials for application in supercapacitors2019Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
68Priyanka KM.Sc. ChemistryDevelopment of copper doped nickel oxide based nanocrystalline electrode materials for application in electrochemical super capacitors2019Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
69Aneesha AntonyM.ScSynthesis, Characterization and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Functionalized Cobaloximes2018Dr. V. Vijaikanth
70Mano Magadalin RubellaM.PhilTreatment of textile dyeing waste water using TiO2/Zn electrode by spray pyrolysis in electrocoagulation process2018Dr.K.Paramesawri
71R.ShanmugapriyaM.ScTreatment of textile dyeing waste water laded with disperse dye using TiO2/Al electrode in electrocoagulation process2018Dr.K.Paramesawri
72M.SangeethaM.ScElectrocoagulation prpcess using TiO2/Zn for the traetment of disperse dye2018Dr.K.Paramesawri
73R.BLESSY PRICILLAM.Sc NanoDevelopment and Characterization of Luminescent and Magnetic Bi-Functional Nanofibers" and "Graphene based Cuo, Nio Nanocomposites for Sensing Applications2018Dr. R. Nandhakumar
74Mr. Elgin EliasM.Sc ChemistrySynthesis of 2- Amino Pyrimidine Based derivatives and their Arene Ru(II) complexes for Anti-Cancer Applications.2018Dr. V. Madhu
75Ms. Swathy KonikkaraM.Sc ChemistryCrown Ether Assisted NNN-Pincer Ligand Based Transition Metal Complexes For Catalytic Applications2018Dr. V. Madhu
76Ms. J. Rizvana BegumM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis and characterization of nickel doped aluminium oxide nanoparticles for photcatalytic applications2018Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
77Mr. Abisheik John SamuelM.Sc. Nanoscience & TechnologyDesign and Study of two dimensional Graphene/reduced Graphene oxide/Polyaniline(PANI)/Sr1-xSnxO1-δ - nanocomposites for potential electrode material for super capacitor applications2018Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
78Ms. Prasanna KukutlaM.Sc. Nanoscience & TechnologySynthesis and characterization of manganese doped aluminium oxide nanoparticles2018Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
79S. VasukiM.ScSynthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Studies of Chlorocobaloximes2017Dr. V. Vijaikanth
80Geenu KurianM.ScDecolourisation of Textile Dyeing Waste water using TiO2/Zn in Electrocoagulation2017Dr.K.Paramesawri
81Paul P AliasM.ScComparative Study of Treatment of Acid Dye using TiO2/SS in Electrocoagulation2017Dr.K.Paramesawri
82MarieeswaranM.ScStudies of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane and polyoxometalates2017Dr.K.Paramesawri
83C.V. NandhiniM.Sc ChemistryA naphthalene based fluorescent chemosensor for selective detection of al3+ ions2017Dr. R. Nandhakumar
84UTTAM KUMAR PANIGRAHIM.Sc ChemistryFluorescence chemosensor for detection of fe3+- ion in aqueous media2017Dr. R. Nandhakumar
85PushparajM.Sc ChemistryA highly selective naphthalene based fluorescence chemosensor for bromate anion detection in aqueous media2017Dr. J. Prabhu
86DharanipriyaM.Sc ChemistryA fluorescent Chemosensor for selective detection of Copper ions2017Dr. R. Nandhakumar
88DAVID JOHN DMONTEM.Sc NanoGraphene-resorcinol composites as fluorescent chemosensors for heavy metal ions2017Dr. R. Nandhakumar
89Ms. Hannah GraceM.Sc ChemistrySynthesis And Characterization Of Imidazo [1,2-A]Pyridine Functionalized Carbazole Derivatives For Antimicrobial And Optoelectronic Applications2017Dr. V. Madhu
90Mr. S. Jenma RakkiniM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis and characterization of cobalt doped aluminium oxide nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications2017Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
91Ms. S.R. Mary SujanaM.Sc. ChemistryDevelopment of Strontium doped nickel cobaltite based nanoparticles for application in electrochemical supercapacitors2017Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
92Ms. A. DeepiM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis and characterization of Co-doped LiMn2O4 and Ni-doped LiMn2O4 based nanomaterials as cathode components for lithium ion battery applications2017Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
93Ms. Veena C.G.M.Sc. ChemistryDevelopment of transition metals doped ceria based nanocrystaline materials for photocatalytic applications2017Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
94Mr. V. Abisheik John SamuelM.Sc. Nanoscience & TechnologyDesign and study of two dimensional graphene and magnesium doped ZnO nano hybrid as electrode materials for super capacitors2017Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
95Mr. K. PrasannaM.Sc. Nanoscience & TechnologySynthesis and characterization of manganese doped with aluminium oxide nonoparticles2017Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
96Saranya.SM.scSynthesis and charracterisation of Ni-W electrodeposits obtained from citrate electrolyte containg p-hydroxy benzaldehyde as additive2016Dr.K.Paramesawri
97FELIX PRAKASH. AM.Sc NanoPreparation and characterization of fluorescent chemosensors for chromium ion detection based on graphene-organic nanocomposites2016Dr. R. Nandhakumar
98Mr. Reni E. GeorgeM.Sc NanoSynthesis, Characterization and Self-assembly of Organic n-Type Semiconducting Materials: Applications for NIR Emission2016Dr. V. Madhu
99Mr. P. Santhos KumarM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis and characterization of alkaline earth metal oxide nanoparticles by chemical precipitation process2016Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
100Mr. C. Immanuel DavidM.PhilSynthesis, Characterization, Trans Influence and Antimicrobial Activity Studies of Chloro and benzyl Cobaloximes2015Dr. V. Vijaikanth
101Gabriella RaishmaM.ScVitamin B12 Model Compounds: Synthesis, Characterization and Cis-Trans Influence Studies of Cobaloximes and Antibacterial Studies of Copper Containing Cobaloximes2015Dr. V. Vijaikanth
102G. PrabakaranM.PhilTriphenyl-imidazole based colorimetric and fluorimetric sensing for Cu2+ in aqueous media2015Dr. R. Nandhakumar
103R. VickramM.PhilDimeric quinoline schiff base fluorescent chemosensor for pb2+ ion2015Dr. R. Nandhakumar
104Mr. G. AshokM.Sc ChemistryOpto Electronic Synthasis And Characterzation Of Dipyrromethane And Properties2015Dr. V. Madhu
105Samuel SoundararajM.Sc NanoSynthesis, Characterization and Properties of Thiol Functionalized Perylenediimide: Precursor for Nano Materials2015Dr. V. Madhu
106Ms. P. Packiya LakshmiM.Tech. NanotechnologyNanostructured metal oxide anodes for lithium batteries2015Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
107Mr. Joy ThomasM.Tech. NanotechnologyStudies on transition metal doped TiO2 nanoparticles: Possible anode materials for Li-ion batteries2015Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
108Mr. G. PrakashM.Sc. Nanoscience & Technology (Integrated Course)Synthesis and characterization of Fe2O3 - CeO2, Fe2O3 - ZrO2 and CeO2-ZrO2 nano-ceramic composite oxide materials: Their antimicrobial study2015Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
109Ms. S. SheebaM.Sc. ChemistrySynthesis and characterization of Mn2O3 nanoparticles for antimicrobial activity2015Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj
110Dandamudi AlekhyaM.ScVitamin B12 Model Compounds: Inorganic and Organocobaloximes containing Pyridine: Synthesis, Characterization and Cis-Trans Influence Studies2014Dr. V. Vijaikanth
111Mathi SMSc ChemistrySynthesis of novel 1-amino 1,2,3-triazole derivatives via unprecedented cyclization of alpha diazo hydrazones2014Dr. L.Emmanuvel
112M. Likha ChandranM.ScInorganic Cobaloximes with bases containing Amino Group: Synthesis, Characterization and Cis-Trans Influence Studies2013Dr. V. Vijaikanth
113N. Sebulon PrabhuM.ScVitamin B12 Model Compounds: Synthesis and Characterization of Iinorganic Cobaloxime Complexes Containing Aniline based Neutral Ligands2012Dr. V. Vijaikanth