Internally Funded Projects

Karunya Short-term Research Grant (Seed Money for Projects – Faculty Members)

Title of the ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorDate of SanctionDate of CompletionTotal Grant (approved or received)
Studies on the utilization of high active ingredients from food waste by productsDr. A. Nishadh05.02.201605.06.201620000
Extrusion technology for restructured alternative protein productsDr.RitujaUpadhyay07.07.2021Work in Progress10000
Process development for preparation of banana pulp powder using foam assisted hybrid drying methodDr.Ritesh Balaso Watharkar07.07.2021Work in Progress10000
Development and standardization of Fiber rich wheat biscuits incorporated with Lepomisgibbosus and Helianthus annus seedsDr. R. Freeda Blessie07.07.2021Work in Progress10000
Development of fibre enriched yoghurt by incorporation of homogenized pneapple pomaceDr. R. Chandrakala07.07.2021Work in Progress10000
Respiratory studies on whole and cut eggplant fruitEr. Dayanand Peter07.07.2021Work in Progress10000
Development of functionalised edible coatings (twin layer) for effective preservation of fruits during storageDr.Shrikrishna Nishani07.07.2021Work in Progress10000

Karunya Short-term Research Grant (Seed Money for Products – Ph.D. Scholars)

Title of the ProjectStudent Name and Register NumberFaculty CoordinatorDate of SanctionDate of CompletionTotal Grant (approved or received)
Quality indices of spice pasteRubila S (09ZN024)Dr. T.V. Ranganathan04.02.201425.04.2014Rs.15000

Karunya Short-term Research Grant (Seed Money for Products – Students)

Title of the ProjectStudent Name and RegnoFaculty CoordinatorDate of SanctionDate of CompletionTotal Grant (approved or received)
Development of spirulina based extruded snack and extraction of natural colourants from spirulinaJoseph Amruthraj (PR12FS1011)Nikki John K.04.02.201424.04.2014Rs.12000
Production of bioactive peptide from vegetable (Groundnut oil cake) protein isolateRenuPriya N (PR12FS1019)Dr. T.V. Ranganathan04.02.201424.04.2014Rs.12000
Development of chitosan film incorporated with Hibiscus rosasinensis to monitor pH changesV. Ashok Kumar (UR12FS057)Mr. Daniel Paul P.05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
Development of a functional beverage from cotton seed oil meal (Paruthhipunnaakku)Anaswarya (UR12FS009)Dr. T.V. Ranganathan05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
ASLT studies on traditional products – unniappamGifty Sebastian (UR12FS024)Dr. T.V. Ranganathan05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
Development of sugarcane beverage premixLevon M. Vaz (UR12FS035)Er. Dayanand Peter05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
Development of low fat baked snacksPraveen Raja (UR12FS040)Ms. Shilu Leslie05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
Development of a functional beverage using sesame meal (Aellupunnakku)Rofin Pereira UR12FS042Dr. T.V. Ranganathan05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
Indicators for Incipient spoilage of milkSarath Ramesh UR12FS044Ms. Nikki John K05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
ASLT studies on traditional products – Mysore PakShilpa Philip (UR12FS045)Dr. T.V. Ranganathan05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
Development and quality analysis of instant multi-millet soup mixSudharsanapriya.R (UR12FS046)Ms. Shilu Leslie05.02.201625.04.201612,000/-
Shelf life extension of grapes by the synergistic effect of Aloe Vera Gel and Chitosan coated packaging material.Aruthra Devi G (UR12FS056)Dr. EmilinRenitta05.02.201625.04.201611000
Production of Vinegar from culled potatoesRanies Charles UL12FS002Er. P. Balamurugan05.02.201625.04.201611000
Studies on preparation of coconut milk powderThejas K. Sabu UR13FS057Dr. T.V. Ranganathan15.12.201610.04.201712000
Studies on low-fat baked snacksMs. N. Anjana PR15FS1005Dr. T.V. Ranganathan15.12.201610.04.201712000
Design and fabrication of dehumidifiers for food drying systemsClariyaMyson (PR16FS1005) Mythri R (PR16FS1014) VarshaKumari (PR16FS1020)Er. P. Balamurugan03.11.201704.04.20189000
Studies on drying characteristics of radish and incorporation of the powder in food ProductsNavya Sri Borra (UR14FP064)Dr. D. Tiroutchelvame03.11.201704.04.20185000