Research Scholars

S.No.Name of the Research ScholarName of the GuideTitle of the Thesis/ResearchCurrent Status
1 Dr. Nikki John Kannampilly Dr. K. ThangavelDevelopment of Anthocyanin based film for rapid detection of spoilage in fresh milkCompleted -2021
2 Dr. K.C. Baby Dr. T.V. RanganathanEnzyme Assisted extraction of volatile oils and oleoresin from selected spicesCompleted-2017
3 Dr. S. Reginold Jebitta Dr. T.V. RanganathanProcess Optimization for the production of Underutilized Jamun (Syzygium cumini) powder and its qualitiesCompleted-2018
4 Mr. J. Premkumar Dr. T.V. RanganathanStudies on Utilization of food protein from spent oil mealCompleted
5 Dr. Rubila Dr. T.V. RanganathanQuality Characterization of ginger and garlic pastes and their impact on healthCompleted-2018
6 Dr. Bangale Sagar Ramesh Dr. RamanathanOptimization of modified atmospheric packaging parameters for enhancing the shelf life of table grapesCompleted-2018
7 Mr. Dayanand Peter Dr. T.V. RanganathanStudies on Preservation of Fresh cut Vegetables.Ongoing
8 Dr. Rahul Patil Dr. T.V. RanganathanStudies on extraction, identification and stability of natural pigment betalains from Celosia argentea var. cristataCompleted (2019)
9 Ms. Neethu C.S. Dr. T.V. RanganathanStudies on Millet based fermented food productOngoing
10 Dr. Allwyn Sundarraj Dr. T.V. RanganathanUtilization of jackfruit (Artocarpus integer) wastes for the production of food additivesCompleted (2019)
11 Dr. Hemaprabha Dr. T.V. RanganathanAntimicrobial nano biodegradable packaging for shelf life extension of foodsCompleted (2020)
12 Mr. Mahabir Singh Dr. T.V. RanganathanPreparation of thermal processed gravies and their shelf life assessment.Ongoing
13 Dr. Reni Dr. S.GobikrishnanProcess development for little millet (Panicum Sumantrense L) based milk beverageCompleted (2020)
14 Mrs. S. Aruna Dr. S.GobikrishnanBio-Ethanol production from wild sugar cane (Saccharum sp.)Ongoing
15 Mr. Dyllwin Dr. M.M.PragalyashreeIn package sterilization of foods using cold plasmaOngoing
16 Ms. Philomena Joy Lindsey Dr. Emilin Renitta RBacteriophase-based control against plant pathogensOngoing
17 Mrs. K. Tryphaena Priyadharshini Dr. Emilin Renitta RDevelopment of value-added bakery products using traditional Iluppai poo sambaOngoing
18Mr. S. Jobin Dr. Emilin Renitta REvaluation of medicinal plants for the development of immune booster drinkOngoing
19Ms. L. AnaghaDr. T. V. RanganathDevelopment of Edible protein film from Groundnut Defatted Cake for the shelf life Extension of Tomato using MAPOngoing
20Ms. Jakki VinuthnaDr. S. GobikrishnanMicroencapsulation of ProbioticsOngoing
21Mr. DillwynDr. M.M. PragalyashreeIn-packaging Sterilization of Coconut Milk Using Cold Plasma TechnologyOngoing
22Ms. Sukanya DDr. M.M. PragalyashreeDesign and development of heat pump dryerOngoing